On the road again.  

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8/31/2006 10:10 am

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On the road again.

I have had sex in the car and for the most part it was fun until my girl's ass started to hit the stirring wheel and the radio started playing all the wrong songs. After a while it didn't matter because I was so much into her I forgot what I was listening to. Funny how sex can make you forget your surroundings. Or maybe it is just me cause most people don't like to have sex in public areas. I don't mind it myself I think it helps add to the moment, I mean its not fun to get caught but it is fun to get away with murder...(speaking figuratively). Another turn on for me is squeaky beds. Lol something but that funny noise springs make gets me going. I'm an odd one huh?

forgive me for my bad grammar and spelling, i do try.

Coy R. Gar....

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