Boring Saturday  

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6/24/2006 1:59 pm
Boring Saturday

Hi again. I can see a whole 2 people have visited our blog. I guess it takes more than tits and ass to get attention. lol. Anyways, my husband and I were supposed to go out of town this weekend, but he had to work. Now I'm here alone on a Saturday jumping from chat room to chat room. Not really in a mood to chat today I guess.
I've done everything I usually save 4 the weekend earlier this week, so now I'm BORED. Small towns r nice but a city has so much to offer. We're thinking of moving to Vegas by the end of the year. We better, I'm beginning to get moody with the extra free time. Friends are married with children and seem to have taken on a different life. Maybe I should have a kid! No. Not yet. Pussy still to tight to stretch out. Kidding. Don't want any mothers to get after me 4 saying that. This turned into a bitch blog today. I must be bored.
I can't wait until next week. Leaving on Thursday to the valley for a few days and then onto Vegas! Hoping to meet (almost wrote eat) some other cpls for fun. Taking extra condoms just in case (fingers crossed). Looking forward to seeing the Dolls on the 1st. Second time this year. I joined their fan club in April hoping to win this contest to meet the guys. Especially Johnny. I always tell my husband that he's (Johnny)the only guy I'd ever runaway with. My husband usually turns his head and tells me that the dolls r too gay. I usually respond with a punch and a very polite (yeah, right) "Fuck U!" I know he likes them. He's just jealous! But if I win that contest to meet the band, the husband might be coming home alone. lol.
Well, this is it for now. Daddy's coming home. I guess I better get the sugar ready. Ha Ha.

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