My answers to my own questionare  

rm_cravemore82 35F
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1/23/2006 7:27 am

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4/10/2006 12:21 am

My answers to my own questionare

1/ The object that excites me is a penis of course! later might just be a vibrator that is my fav object!

2/Favourite outfit on a man is the police officer/army/naval forces uniform!and fireman outfit mm so sexy expecially if they strip it slowly off and dance for me to music!

3/I love the inner thigh, hips, back and neck

4/Best fantasy is giving a man head under their office desk at work while they are working and their office is busy!

5/ Favourite sex postion is definately sex on top him laying down and you sit up/ both sitting up facing each other his back to the bed and you sit on him wrap your legs round him and ride him.

6/Favourite food with sex is chocolate - topping/sauce/spread

7/ Love it when a man leads (sometimes) initiates
foreplay, begs you for sex, wants and does long foreplay - touches your body gently, teases,
lots of kisses etc..

ErosHunger 48M

1/23/2006 9:49 am

1) I don't know about an object...never used one. If body parts count I'd say a womans mouth. The idea of being licked/sucked/nibbled really arouses me. I have many "eaten alive" type of fantasies. Nothing gross or painful, just melting in her mouth like chocolate.

2) favorite outfit? Hmmm. Don't think I have one really. I could go with the base male answers and say bikini or lingere...but we're looking for things that aren't obvious...things that are personal. I too have fantasized about being used by a woman in uniform...but mostly I think I am attracted to women who dress casually, with a girl next store type of look, or "houswife" attire. For some reason I find belly buttons sexy, so bare midriffs turn me on too. I suspect that I have a mild foot fetish because exposed toes are often something that catch my eye. What can I say? I'm strange.

3)Aside from my penis, I'd say my neck, and my ears and my nipples in no particular order.

4) Can't just choose one fanatsy, but there's a definite theme with mine. Prepare to be weirded out...I am going to start a fantasy thread in my blog soon as well to detail this if I get brave enough... These fantasies are obsiouly cerbral only, like sexual daydreams I have during love making or self pleasure. I have written many stories about my fantasies, but they are pretty "out there" in that they are physically impossible. As silly as they sound, they involve magic or fantasitic technologies that could never exist. I fantasize mostly about being helpless in the service (temporarily) of the one I desire, and being used to pleasure her. I know that she has absolute power over me and can make the condition last forever, but I trust her not too. There is a sense of danger in these fantasies, but not real peril...the thrill of giving yourself over to someone "on indefinite loan" for pleasure, and the knowledge that you can literally be turned into and used as an object. That's core of my fantasies, being physically transformed and used to pleasure a woman. Sometimes I'm turned into candy or food and consumed, sometimes I'm clothing or lingere, or a sex toy, or jewlery, a bar of soap, a bath sponge...the fantasy details are many fold. I often imagine what it would be like to be very small and allowed to explore my lovers body from a tiny perspective. The idea of helplessness, utter vulnerability to my lover arouses me greatly. I have to be strong all day in reality after all. I have written many stories about these fantasies and I may post some in my blog soon. While they are an important part of my sexual self, they aren't really important to my sexual interaction with others and I usually keep them secret as they are embarrasing and seem childish. One fanatsy is being changed into something for intimate use by one woman, then loaned out to one of her friends who doesn't know it's really a human being! Sometimes I also have voyeauristic fantasies about being tiny and and creeping around a woman's home spying one her, experiencing her while she is unaware. Yes, I'm strange, but I'm harmless and pleasant.

5)Favorite position? I have been with only one woman, the one I married, and after marriage I found out that she didn't really like I've only been in one position. I always thought "69" would be heavenly, but as my wife does not like to give or recieve oral sex, I have yet to find out.

6) I have to agree that I'd like chocolate. Food play is a big turn on for me and my being an "edible man" fantasies. I think some sort of syrupy thing would be cool as well...not honey...but maybe maple syrup? Who knows?

7)What do I want a woman to do? Well the simple thing is ORAL SEX!!! I have only rarely experienced it and it's da bomb! Also I'd love to hook up with someone that indulges my fanatsies (chocolate coated love!) and might even role play the impossible situations I daydream about. I'd probably feel too stupid or humiliated to even approach someone about that though.

Okay, I've blathered on for too long, like the drunk at the party who deosn't know when to shut up.

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