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4/1/2006 5:03 am

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Well it is 5:30AM Mountain time and i still have not had any sleep since 3-31-06 at 7:00AM. These days sleep is kind of my enemy,i enjoy it because it regenerates my body but at the same time when i am sleeping absolutely nothing is felt anymore. I know that sounds strange but before i used to be able to sleep and wake in different moods and i was not able to remember what i dreamed about but at least the feeling/emotions were still there. Now nothing, I just got divorced and i don't know if going though this experience is helping attribute to this. Driving around in this somewhat small town of cheyenne WY for hours tonight and not finding anything to do i have lots of time to think. Even though i am still young i find myself longing for companionship and not able to find it. I don't mean just sex this would be nice but the thing i long for the most is just being with a woman, sitting down and watching a movie when she would rest her head on my shoulder or lay her head on my lap and we were just together enjoying each other. It is the simpler times with a person that i feel my self needing these days. Don't get me wrong sex is great and would still love to have it all of the time but at a certain point just spending time with a female companion (friends,companions,lovers etc) Is more enjoyable and satisfying. I don't know if i am the only one who feels this way but i don't think am alone. I never thought i would be in this situation at my age 23 and divorced. It is funny how life just tosses you around almost at random and when you think everything is going in the right direction,things just happen that shock you and you are left on the side of the road with this i cant believe this just happened look on your face. I am a solitary person being a only child and spending a lot of time alone growing up on the family farm and working isolated type jobs. I am trying to get out and try new things with this so called new lease on life but it seems the harder I try the worse i seem to feel at the end of the night. I realize the type of site this is and that is why i came here but is there no room for a little romance and conversation and whining and dining, do women not want to be treated with respect anymore, (now bear in mind that i am speaking about when people are in public and just getting to know each other and this is not the sex side of things)am i missing something? Let me know. anyway I am starting to fade and I still have a long day ahead of me. i will vent/talk more for all of you that actually set down and read this long ass blog of nothing in particular Thank you for your time and let me know what you think

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I dont think you are missing anything!

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