My Week. It's a bit off a read if you don't mind...  

rm_cowman72 29M
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8/10/2006 12:40 am
My Week. It's a bit off a read if you don't mind...

Hey. How ya all doin. Had school today. It was alright. Had music which was good and pesonal development which was shit. Boring as usual and the dickheads in class where quite disruptive. One of them threatened the teacher. I could hardly do my work. It was a hell of a day. By the way, I always try my hardest at school if that doesn't make me sound like too much of a square. I got squash tonight. Here's to hoping it's a victory. That would be nice. The comments that were made about my last post were pretty cool. More of them are by all means invited. I was also talking to a bloke at school who wants to start up a band with me. Lots of Guns and Roses and The Sex Pistols and that sort of stuff. It's pretty good by my watch. I'm also in the midst of forming a band with an old mate from shepp east. Just don't know what to play ate the moment. He was thinking of some hard blues thing. I think its' an alright idea. Then their was an idea a while ago about starting a band with my mates Ryan and Jonesy and that crowed. I've also just started a busking duo with me mate down the road off whom we share the same name. It's and acoustic folk thing with me the guitarist and him the singer. He's awesome. Sounds like Frank Sinatra or Dean Martin or something. A bit off a Crooner. Well, thats it for me. Hope I haven't bored ya too much. From Cowman72

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