Day of happiness  

rm_cowman72 30M
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9/8/2006 5:14 am
Day of happiness

Alright. My CD should be released soon. Should be good. For all those who are interested, it is a hard rock version of a veriaty of diferent tastes. Theirs more rocky tune. theirs a death metal, heavier tune. theirs a punky rock song and a dance rock song. Their all pretty cool in my opinion but who am I to say. After all, I wrote it. I went to school today for a bit. Had too do a bit of drama. I had to play a game of squash. I got flogged which sucked seeing as it was grandfinal time. My mate came out to think of some melodies for my songs. He is very telanted at it. He has created some more unique styles. I burnt him a copy and he took it home to practice. It should be good. I've got a driving lesson tomorrow. Hopefully thats good. I will do some groceries with Mum and I have my grandads birthday that night of which I have commented on before. Seems to me like a good time. Alright, I'll see you all later. Comments are welcome

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