The Path of Parodox  

rm_coolguy0039 56M
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3/17/2006 10:07 am
The Path of Parodox

Lately I have been on the path of Zen. I went to a Buddhist temple, but that was really boring and painful. I'm not about all that now. I've been reading about Osho thoughts on Zen and his dynami meditations and I really like it. Life is good. I have been more peaceful and happy, even though I don't get laid too much. Even though that does not seem to be proper focus according to Tantra or Zen. It seems, though that many people appear to have it together and have lots of sex, but they seem to have this fever pitch about them, like that have to have more and they are not really happy, or fulfilled. Strangely, as little as I have sex, I feel fulfilled and well. Hmmm... Being fulfilled seems to be a thing of the ego. Maybe I should not think on that so much. I am thinking on No-mind.

I wish you all well and thanks for reading my blog.

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