Am I dreaming?  

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7/16/2006 2:45 pm

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Am I dreaming?

I had a great meditation in DC today. It was well attended and there was a lot of good energy in the room. I hope to have another one tonight soon. Today I've been reading a book by Osho called 'Awarness: The Key to Living in Balance.' I like what it is talking about that this life where we live is an illusion and we are living in our own private worlds of own thoughts. Our own psychological micorcosms of sorts and that 'mind has its own private worlds but consciousness has not private worlds. The waking have one world in common... All those who are waking, the have one world in common--that is exista=ence. And all those who are asleep and dreaming have their own worlds.' In my meditations and interactions with others it seems that that I am half asleep and in awareness, I can see that others seem to be living in this self composed world of wants, desires and illusions. I don't bother them, but is hard to be honest with people living in an dreaming illusion. I don't know. Maybe I'm the one who is asleep and dreaming a different dream than other's reality.


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