The greatest rock n roll band in the world...  

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2/6/2006 12:53 pm

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The greatest rock n roll band in the world...

Charlottesville, Virginia
February 6, 2006

So, The Rolling Stones finally did a Superbowl Halftime Show. What, did they need the money? It is truly sad to see a once great band like the Stones turn into a parody of themselves, a real life version of Spinal Tap, only without the exploding drummer (which is good, because Charlie Watts, the Stones man on the skins, is my favorite member of the band, if for no other reason he has no pretensions or anything to prove. He just shows up and plays. A true professional).
Now, I don't mean to be down on Mick and the boys. Indeed, I consider myself an ardent fan, and listen to at least one Stones on song a daily basis (check out their version of "I Just Want To See His Face," a southern gospel song that is done accapella. I think it's from the "Exile on Main Street" album or perhaps "Sticky Fingers"). However, our paths crossed recently, and I thought the experience worthy enough to note here. It was some months back, in my official capacity as a highly trained medical professional that I was working one of the first aid stations for the concert. About 90 minutes before the show, a steadily increasing cacaphony of sirens and loud motorcycles converged on the parking garage we had set up operations in, about 100 feet away from where the band would be arriving. Sitting in the front seat of an ambulance, I got out of the cab just in time to see 6 of the fattest motorcycle cops I had ever seen in my life astride a mix of Harley's and BMW's come roaring into the garage, flying wedge formation, followed by several limos filled with the band. The doors opened, and all manner of freaks and hangers on disembarked, followed by the band. Keith Richard staggered out of the car last, and obviously hammered, made a point of walking over to the motorcycle cops, shaking each of their hands profusely, saying over and over "Bloody great job, mate! Bloody great! That's the most fun I've had all week!"
Yes, The Rolling Stones, the original bad boys of The British Invasion, with lots of atitude and wildness and the kind of hooligans you wouldn't want your daughter to bring home have now become so mainstream that they're selling home mortgages and performing half time shows, complete with 4 second delay and a censor. After all, wouldn't want to have Mick's trousers fall down now, would you? What if he lost a button on his trousers, and his pants fell down? Why, if Janet Jackson's tit can raise such ire, think of what Mick's Jagger hanging out could do to the moral fiber of the country.

Where are The Sex Pistols when you need them?


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