l need my own time...  

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9/11/2006 5:33 am
l need my own time...

Hi, I'm busy with family, and a very special friend, I need my own time to be with my special friend whenever he's available, (only some weekends), but it would be great to have a female friend to come take care of him while I'm out with my friend, (Soulmate, and more)... I'd asked my hubby to open our marriage some time ago. He was against it then, but I think if he had his own playmate he wouldn't object to doing that now. Freedom, Fun, Excitement, and Fantasy Fulfillment are all a part of life, would love to play with a lady in front of hubby too, just to get him started... If it's possible. I'm hoping to hear from someone soon!
I just started working again, and I'd sure love to be able to go to my friends house after work, as I'm very close to his place... it would be so much easier for everyone.
I've threatened Divorce many times as I'm not really all that happy with things the way they are at home, (Not that I'm gonna end up with my special friend), but it would be nice... I need my own time, space and a little peace of mind.

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