Wife questions Husbands Desire for her to have sex with other men.  

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Wife questions Husbands Desire for her to have sex with other men.

This was a letter I sent to my friend here in Dehli.

She thought I should post it on my blog, but asked that I change her name. The name is fake, the letter and it's descriptions are real.

Dear Sonia,

I can understand your confusion. Being married less than a year, your new husband's requests to see you having sex with other men is confussing you. Doesn't he love me any more?

You have asked me, 'Why would he enjoy seeing me having sex with another man?'.

I do not have a simple answer, so the best thing to do is to tell you what I do and how I feel.

I get happy and excited when we have made a plan or when she has a date for her extra-marital sexual adventures.

I try to make sure everything is perfect and that she is feeling and looking her best. Feeling wonderful about being a woman, feeling powerful and confident in her sexuallity. I look forward to this so much! My anticipation for her builds and builds, and I have to do something, so I encourage and support her.

I pamper her, spoil her, help her to get ready and prepair.

I spend time shopping with her, for just the right outfits. Dresses, shoes, Skirts, Thongs, the works.

I then take her home and shower her, wash and cream rinse her hair. I shave her comepletely, under arms, legs, vagina, inner lips and even those little hairs near her rectum.

I gently towel her dry, comb and dry her long and beautiful hair. I give her a peticure, and paint her cute litle toe nails, and a manicure with matching color, and watch her apply her very limited make up.

I add the appropriate jewelery, her vagina is pierced, and norally she wears a simple and delicate, three strand gold ring, that hangs from an inner fold of her vagina lip. This ring and the gold strands spakle in the sun shine and when she lays out for tanning her body, the ring and the fine gold stands frame her clit perfectly.

I remove this one, for we have purchased a new one. Often, it is a solid gold ring with the appropiate initial of her new lover on it. Like a charm bracelet would have. A small 'P' for Peter, as an example. The 'P' would have a small diamond mounted to it. Her lovers' are always surprised and excited by this when they see it. What a nice touch for him!!

After putting in her new vagina ring, I put on her ear rings, a neckless and her wedding ring.

Her new thong goes on first, and when she is completely dressed, I give her a kiss and we are off.

Sometimes I drive her to a party, or to a hotel, but often, I drive her to the airport, so she can meet her new lover, her new adventure.

She likes this routine of ours, and really likes her freedom to enjoy other men, alone, on her own and at her pace and speed. This one-on-one style of sexual encounter is nice.

On her return, she always gives me a full, and very detailed accoutning of her night out, or of her 'over night' extended affair or of her entire trip, from the airport on the way out, until her arrival at home. She explains everything to me. As I spend time on her getting her ready to meet her new lover, she spends time on me, detailing everything about her trip and the details of her sexual encounters. She knows how much I love these stories, and she makes a point to remember everything for me!

Her longest adventure was 10 days at her High School's reunion. She had always wanted to be with a certian boy, back in those days, but she was too shy to talk to him in high school... She felt strong and confident at her reunion, and told him about how she had felt, and that she wanted to be with him then, and wanted to be his lover now.

Did he agree? .... My wife was totally sore when I picked her up at the airport. Her inner lips were bright red! She told me that less than 45 minutes before she showed me her sore, swollen and satisfied pussy, she got a serious pounding in the airport parking lot just before she got on the plane home. She had cum on her inner thieghs when she opened her legs and vagina to show me her poor, over-worked, fucked 30 times in 10 days, and sore vagina.

Yes, she loves this very much. And I do to. I help her plan the entire event, from the moment she says, 'I've been thinking about this one guy, lately...'

These kinds of sexual adventures she loves and looks forward to, very much.

However, about once a year or so, what she 'lusts' for, what she has a primal desire for, is this.....

A total, and complete Gang Bang.

A desire to be the only woman in a room full of rock hard men.

To be the center of attention, the focal point, of pure male lust.

I will tell you of two extremes in this kind of adventure.

The first is like this; She will be in the house, or laying out in the back yard tanning, or what ever... and my highly planned, scheduled, (meaning amounst us guys, she knows nothing of our plot), conspireousy is revealed to her.

Suddenly, myself and 4 or 5 other men, (complete stranges to her), are in the back yard, or in the house, or wake her from a deep sleep at two in the morning, by caressing her face and rubbing her butt with cock.

When she is surprised like this, she gets so wet and horny so fast, it is like an instand drip from her lips! Her breasts become hard and her nipples stick out, and she goes to work on us without a word! A primal desire takes her over.

Once, I blindfolded her before any of the men came over, (a REAL blind folding, she could not see a THING.), with medical style eye patches taped over her eyes and a sleeping style blindfold over those as well.

This meant she was being pleasured by multiple men unknown to her. One of the men who were eating her pussy that night, could be her boss, one of the men whos cum she swallowed eagerly could have been one of her friend's husbands, the cock that made her ass orgasm might have been our son's baseball coach, the guy that held her hips so firmly while her rode her doggy style might be a co-worker, or the young man she flirts with in the grocery store produce isle. My wife will never know.

They will know everything about her most intimate sexual acts. Know what her pussy looks, smells and tastes like. They will know that she loves the taste of cum. That she is anally orgasmic, that she enjoys sex all night long. And she will NOT know that this person knows so much about her. This excites her, thrills her.... and makes her worried at the same time. Full range of emotion.

During these multiple men sessions, I make sure the others follow my lead and PLEASURE her, not disrespect her wishes, not USE HER, but enjoy her sexual comany.

She will, eventually, during the building of excitement during these sexual orgies, reach a level of sexual hunger that she asks us all to simply, "fuck me as hard as you can"! Demand that we all fuck her as hard as we all can thrust! In every hole, all the time, at the same time.

She will ask to be fucked without regard to her, just tear that pussy up! Pound her ass hard and gag her throat. When she is ravaged like this, she squeezes the cocks in her hand with all her might, and strokes them just as hard as she is getting stroked by the others!

But this hard core fucking MUST wait for her desire, her request, her want. Not ours. (guys will always accomodate these kinds of requests, so not a problem for us).

And we go around and around on her, cumming in one hole, and starting again in another, until she stops orgasming, and not a minute before.

Our longest session was over 3 hours. I am not counting the fore play period! Three solid hours of constant dick in her mouth, hands, pussy and ass!

She counted 41 vaginal orgasms. Her ass and clit came many times as well, but she simply can not verbalise when those kinds of orgasms take her over, so we did not allow her to tally any orgasms that she could not announce into her total! We were so mean.

We all emptied our loads in her and all over her, multiple times. And with her primal sexual desires satisfied, and with her tummy, pussy and ass full of cum... she went to sleep... for SIX HOURS!.

This particular evening, we were at a hotel, near the beach.

She slept right where she had her final orgasms, and wantonly took our last loads, on the floor at the foot of the bed.

She was so lovely sleeping there, Sperm and cum crusted, naked, dripping from multiple holes.

During her sleep, Room Service delived carts of food, and she was there, naked, cum overed and sleeping.

Our friends came by, (a weekend at the beach was the planned event, she knew nothing of the 'secondary event' ), and she was there, wearing her hard earned, dried cum.

House keeping came by to clean the room, and she finally woke up, slowly.

Her Pussy, her arms and wrists, her jaw and her ass, were completely sore, now. And it was hard for her to get up and she did not want to walk.

Everyone had left by then. So I took care of her. I carried my beautiful wife to the bathroom, and showered her, messaged, caressed and washed her body, and her hair... I cared for me wife. I gave my love to my wife.

Why do I like this? I do not know, really.

Part of it is that she is 100 % woman. She loves men, loves sex, loves to give and get attention.

She is very competent in her position and work, she is the President of a large organization. She is strong and confident. 100 % woman, in every sense. No double standards for her.

I love seeing her in action, seeing her lustful with desire, or seeing her calm and gentle, seeing her doing the pleasing, fully in control.

I've held her hand at the side of the bed, while she made soft and gentle love to her partner. When he rolled off, I took his place, and we continued in the same, rolling motion, gentle, rhythmic, ....and she held his hand. Loving, intimate and shared.

Since we have been married, she has had at least 50 lovers, and many encounters. And she is still with me. We sit together and talk about everything. We are comfortble, and touch each other casually all the time. Like when watching TV, our feet always touch. We do not sit across from each other, but sit beside each other, at a resturaunt, our legs touching. We hold hands for no reason at all. When we sleep, she sleeps best with me partially on top of her, my leg over hers, my thiegh up against her butt, my arm over her back. She is secure when she feels the weight of me on her.

I guess, in short, there are two things I can not tell you about;

I can not tell you why I enjoy my wife's extra marital sexual life, I just do.

And I can not possibly tell you how much I love, adore, cherrish and need my wife, I simply will never have the vocabulary to do so. My love for her is beyond my ability to discribe it. And that is just fine with me.

Sonia, if your husband wants you to do this, to have sex with other men, it does not mean that he does not want, desire or love you any longer. He might have just reached the understanding in his mind that love and sex are seperate ideas. (I believe they are seperate as well, but think that love and sex each become more powerful when combined. When you share sex with someone you truly and dearly love, then that is when 2+2 can equal 5 or even 7!)

Also, Sonia, YOU must be comfortable with it. If you do not have a desire to experience other lovers, but do it anyway just to please him, it will not work. It will not be enjoyable for you, he will see that, and frustration and resentment can take hold and it will not be good for your relationship at all.

If you are excited and interested in this idea, but are worried, or affraid to make that big first step, and it is a huge one to take, I know, Try something safer and in between. Do this simple thing; TALK to each other openly and honestly. Talk. Ask these questions of him. Tell him what you feel and think, and be open to his honest feelings too.

Try a middle ground one time when you make love, tell him of an encounter you had with another man. (something you totally make up, or an actual past experience in your life). Tell him how he approached you, or you approached him, and go from there. Tell him detail as he enters and stokes and starts his rhythem.

And this is where you can see his honest reaction about how he feels, and yours as well. If he becomes more and more excited during your story, (and if you do too!), then maybe this is something you would both enjoy.

The number one thing I can tell you is this. No secrets. Do not hide anything about you sexual desires, encounters, experiences, or adventures from him. Hiding the fact that you have had sex with another man without his knowing, will destroy trust. When trust is gone, your relationship is gone.

It may sound out of place, but remain FAITHFUL to him. Faithful and loyal to your personal and emotional bond with him. Your LIFE partner.

Be honest with your own feelings, with your own sexual desires, and with each other.

I will be leaving India soon, and I doubt I will see you again before I fly out. I hope I have been a friend, and I hope my complete honesty is not too honest for you. You did ask me, so I have told everything about me, my wife and our truth.

Keep smilin' and send an e-mail once in a while, and I promise to do the same.

Thank you for being my friend while I was here visiting India.

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