1: Relaunch  

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1/16/2006 7:35 am

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1: Relaunch

My entire profile has been updated. At the moment, it is still pending review. I initially came here for sex, but really I want a lifelong companion with whom to have sex. I plan to live as long as possible, taking advantage of aging prevention technologies as they come and exploring existential threats as my philosophical and technical understanding expands, so my dream girl must overcome some future shock if she hasn't already.

The only thing that concerns me right now is that I became a Gold Member of AdultFriendFinder because this seems to be the place where most people are into only sexual relations and not necessarily long-term relationships. I have since modified my intentions which may not get results here. I should nonetheless be patient.

For the acute who are analyzing my psychology right now and suspecting pretense, I assure you that I already know that I was not designed by evolution to want to be with a girl, no matter how perfect, for more than four years. However, be mindful that some aspects of evolution are something to be transcended, and shall be, as technology advances and minds advance along with it.

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