Women under 38: How do you like your men's pubic region?  

OversPicasMedal 37M
7/12/2006 10:09 am
Women under 38: How do you like your men's pubic region?

Ok, I posted this in the wrong section yesterday and got flamed cause I'm a newbie. I know this has been asked, but I have not found anything with *just* the yonger women's point of view.

I had an interesting conversation with 3 female friends about this subject since they were talking about getting waxed while we were having a few drinks. The subject turned to guys. One said that she loves that a guy is trimmed or shaved, but waxing is even better with no stuble. One other said that trimming and shaving is ok as long as they only shave the balls. The third girl said she liked it natural and thinks trimming or anything else sooo gay.

I want to know what the younger women on here think since that is the crowd I deal with.

Also, how would you react if you found your guy is hair free down there the first time you are with him? Especially if you'd only prefer him to trimmed?
Natural and bushy, like the a snake in the bush
Trimmed and neat, all around the twig and berries
Trimmed and balls shaved, cause i love sucking smooth balls
Completely shaved so its totally bare
Waxed so its hair and stuble free
Brazillian wax... cause i want the bung hole hair free for rimming
Brazillian wax... cause I do it and so should the guy
Brazillian wax... so he can feel the pain I go through for him
I couldn't care less cause either way

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