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5/30/2006 3:40 am
a new adventure

I just worked for 38 hour during the past three days, and my whole body feels sore! Well, let's see if this site is more fun than that... I've had some disappointing experiences with other communities on the net before, people don't seem that friendly or interested in meeting new people. So I hope this place is an exception.

Who am I then? I'm living in a small place in Sweden with large forests and many many small lakes. It's very beautiful. But I am more of a city person and I have serious plans on moving somewhere more international, where the air might not be as open, but people's minds are. The number one alternative is London since it's both a big city and close to home. I've been to the UK before and I love the British culture and way of life.

I've got a University Diploma in Spanish (2 yrs) and I have studied six other languages - German, Italian, French, Czech, Russian, Polish and Swedish of course which is my native tongue. I don't speak all of them fluently but I can get by in most. I've worked as a language teacher in various European countries, but I'm currently studying general linguistics and working full time at a factory. I hope to do a PhD sometime in the future.

In my spare time I try to be as spontaneous as possible and don't cling to special 'hobbies', but try to do new stuff all the time. Among other things I like writing poetry, reading all kinds of books, exploring art and music, drawing, yoga, cooking... etc.

I'm looking for open-minded people that are interested in meeting new friends. I'm not looking for any kind of special relation, but I am open to everything - friendship, love, sex, intellectual discussions... It doesn't matter if you live close by or far away. I think we can learn something from everyone we meet. I appreciate an open-minded and relaxed attitude to sex and sexuality, not only in theory but also in practice, but it's not prerequisite.

So, I hope that this will be the beginning of an exciting new adventure! Send me a mail and let's learn from each other!

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