You don't spell it son, you eat it!  

rm_cockmerollme 46F
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2/17/2006 12:49 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

You don't spell it son, you eat it!

I am not sure how to spell "mogul", you know, that skiing event with the little bumpies and the flips and what not?

Well, there was not a kid who didn't compete that I would not have fucked.

Hard and long.

All those snowboarding kids got me all excited as well. Hot, hot stuff.

I go for a blood test today, and then to schedule an MRI.

Apparently, you have to get one if they suspect a tumor.
Now they'll see how really sick I am.

Is it getting dark in here,

or is it just my outlook?

And my heart is still all over the map.


rm_buzzbay99 52M

2/17/2006 7:34 am

Even Mikko Ronkainen of Finland??


Glad you're back, CMRM. Good luck on the tests today. Maybe you could post some pics of your spleen when you get home.

Sorry again about the heart thing.


P.S. You spelled it correctly, and it is dark in here.

rm_cockmerollme 46F
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2/17/2006 8:20 am

Sometimes, you just gotta give a "good effort" fuck out there every once in a while....

And thanks...for the words and all.


AdventureBeckons 44M
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2/17/2006 11:53 pm

Well, enthusiasm always makes up for lacking talent.

Sorry things are looking bleak. Perhaps you just need to change your point of view for a while?

rm_cockmerollme 46F
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2/18/2006 8:37 am

I'm changing around my apartment, does this count?

I'm making it more cheerful. lighter, brighter colors, like painting the Kitchen a Tiffany blue....and, taking down the Christmas Tree. I did laundry all last night, and now I have to leave it as I go to work. My goal is to come home tonight, and finish what I started.

I am not someone who gets bogged down. I just have to remember this.


ticktock500 45M

2/18/2006 4:03 pm

i was thinking the same thing about some of the US womens curling team-cassie what's her name???
as for the other thing, well, try not to let it get too dark.

ticktock500 45M

2/18/2006 4:04 pm

these things are funny
don't ya think?

rm_cockmerollme 46F
1223 posts
2/18/2006 8:08 pm

I'm trying to figure out what they mean..?
Greater than less than?

You know, I could never see the hidden pictures in those stupid paintings that were popular a few years ago.

Curling team is hot, yo!


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