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12/14/2005 7:48 am

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fantasies are wonderful

I must make a confession I've been watching you for a while now. You didn't shut the door all the way when you got in the bathtub. You left it cracked just slightly as you have sometimes. I usually pay no mind and just sit and chat to people on the internet. This time was different though. Tonight there was nothing going on in IM land. The T.V. had gotten quite at just the right time and I heard it. This sound I didn't really know what it was at first. It was kinda a real low murmer sound that got me to mute the T.V. and get up and investigate.

I didn't have to go far the sound was coming out of our bathroom. Through the crack you left in the french doors because they weren't shut all the way. I looked through the door intending to walk in there and ask you what that noise was.

Luckily I looked first and what I saw was your beutiful body soaking naked in the tub rolling your nipple ever so gently between your thumb and index finger. Thus causing the low murmer escaping from your partly closed mouth. I decided to stay and watch for awhile.

I would have had walked in and watched you but we have tried having you please yourself in front of me but your shyness usually kicks in and you can't orgasm. You have no problems doing it by yourself I know. I've heard you tell me before its just you've never been able to bring yourself to orgasm with your hands with me there.

So content to just watch I look through the door...

You still have your right hand caressing your breast and sometimes returning to your nipples rolling them with your fingers. Soon you use both hands to grab your breasts and squeeze them. Now not rolling your nipples but picnching them and pulling them away from your breasts. This is causing you to arch your back. This makes your already big breasts stick out further also causing my dick to start to get hard.

You are still playing with your breasts but the way your hips are starting to rock in our giant garden tub I realize you need more then just hands on your breasts. As I watch, absent mindedly stroke my now fully erect cock, Your hands start to wonder slowly off your beatiful breasts till they reach the freshly shaven area between your thighs. You slide down a little more in the tub and part your legs slightly exposing yourself more to me unknowingly in the wall sized mirror in front of the tub.

Your hands start slowly at the outside of your lips. Slowley scratching your nails lightly across your swollen pussy lips. You must be really hot. I've seen you lips puffed out like that a few times before from me and sometimes from a few of the female lovers you've brought home for us to share. Now your using your fingers sliding them all around the edges still slowly arching your hips in and out. Your murmers that made me get up to investigate turn into moans of pleasure.

Now what seems like 5 minutes of working your outer lips you move your fingers in slower. Working from the bottom all the way to the top. Right before you get to the top before you reach your swollen clit you move your fingers slightly to the right and swirl around and over it and back down the left side making your clit throb. Letting out a now definatley audible moan.

Your hand goes back down towards the bottem of your pussy. Your now going back up this time you don't avoid your hard clit you stroke it with your left hand and then you slide your hand back down inserting two fingers into your now wet hole. You stop inserting once you've inserrted your finger only halfway in. You side your finger back out and resume your strokes from the top of your pussy to the bottem and back up again. Some times grabing you clit between your fingers squeezing it then sliding your hand back down to the bottom again only to stop halfway up and insert 2 fingers into your pussy causing you to moan again.

Watching you like this is very erotic to me. I try to remain as quite as possible so you can continue. I look through the cracked french doors again. By now you are really turned on and the pace with your hand quickens. You spend a little more time on you clit with each pass of your hand. Also you leave your 2 fingers in your hole longer and start to swirl them around a little with each insertion. Also you 2 fingures has grown to 3 and your hips are rocking back and forth against your fingers. my hand is also causing my hips to rock back and forth as I watch you.

I can tell you are getting very close to orgasm now your body takes on this quickened pace with your hand and your hips. Your head falls back and your mouth parts slightly and you moan again. You look back down at your pussy and continue to work you hand on your pussy wich must be vibrating now from the pleasure you are giving yourself and unkowingly to me. Now your right hand Is rubbing your clit as your left hand is sliding up and down your sweet lips pausing every now and then to insert 3 fingers into your tight pussy. Causing me to stroke my cock a little quicker.

Your orgasm is coming nearer and nearer now. And all at once your body starts this shivering type shake that reminds me of the way you shiver when you come back in from being outside on a cold day. Your fingers are squeezing your clit now and the fingers have stoped sliding up and down your lips and are now going in and out of your pussy. Then it happens It seems the orgasm starts at your toes and works its way up your body. I can tell because your toes curve and your feet straighten then your knees which were bent slightly straighten out and then your hips slide forward your stomach tightens and your back arches and your breasts are thrust out your head fall back your mouth opens you let a loud moan an "oooohhhhh gooooooddddddd yessssssssssss" your head folds back down and your breasts go back as your back unarches your stomach loosens the fingers inserted into your vagina unstiffen slightley your legs loosen up and your knees take on that bent look once again then finally your toes uncurl. Now your sitting there quivering on your fingers still inserted into your pussy just enjoying the orgasm that is throbbing inside your pussy. By now I'm on the verge of orgasm myself when I peer back in you are looking at my reflection in the mirror and say to me I would love to help you with that as this devilish grin comes over your face. You tell me you've know I've been there for a little while and the voyeuristic aspect of it all is what brought on what you tell me the most intense orgasm you think you've ever had. I smile and enter the bathroom.

This is once again just a fantasy but...

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