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Tonight would be the night. It was he, who as a part of their agreement, set
the schedule for things and he knew she was ready, even if she was too scared
to admit it. Up until now their games had consisted of playful teasing while
he taught her how to please him. Punishment had always come in the form of
withheld pleasure but tonight it was time to take things further and begin to
let her explore the bridges between pain and pleasure and submission and
ecstacy. Tonight, not only would she admit she wanted to go further, she would
beg him to take her there.

Heads turned when she walked across the hotel lobby, but she was oblivious to
all but him. The week of separation, the late-night phone calls and the
stories he had e-mailed her to read on the plane had all done the trick. Her
whole body throbbed with the need to be touched, by this man. His story
selection always hinted at things to come and today's stories had all been
about spankings; with whips, with hands, by another woman while he watched.
All contained a degree of humiliation, all turned her on more than she ever
wanted to admit. Later on, he would make her tell him which she liked best and

"How's my baby?" he whispered when she was close enough to brush his neck with
her lips. "Missing you" she purred as she nibbled his earlobe. He gave her
bag to the bellman and guided her to a small alcove and told her not to worry,
they'd be going up in just a minute. As much as he knew she was craving his
touch, he also knew he needed her, neded to have her. Her stood her facing him
and placed his hands inside her jacket, around her waist. "Tell me what the
rules are Sheryl", he said with a smile. She knew the rules, so far there were
only two. "No orgasms without permission," she let out her breath, "And no
begging for permission." He saw begging as a sign of her trying to take
control, refusing to submit. He reached up and tweaked her nipples slightly
and said "Good girl. And if you've been good all week... have you been good
all week?" She could do no more than nod, as he was stroking her back and down
her ass and all she could imagine was being naked for him, being all his, oh
please let him make me cum...

"If you've been good then tonight you'll be rewarded, but there are a couple of
more rules. This hotel, fine as it is, has very thin walls and very squeaky
beds. I don't want you to embarrass yourself, so tonight you can have all the
pleasure you want, and I've brought some new toys for you, but if you move or
make noise, I'll have to stop. Understand?" She almost groaned. They both
knew that this was a difficult thing for her, she was so responsive to his
touch that she squirmed uncontrolably and moaned so loudly when he made love to
her that she was often grateful for the privacy his house (their usual spot)

They entered the elevator and as soon as the doors shut began to kiss. He was
immediately rock hard and although he planned to make her wait what would seem
like forever to finally be allowed to release the tension that had been
building all week, he realized he wouldn't be able to wait at all. When they
were (finally) in the room, she shed her jacket. Her hard nipples were
obvious beneath white silk and she reached for a button. "Stay dressed" he
commanded. "Come here and undress me." She knew what he wanted and removed
his shirt, biting at his nipples. His cock strained at his pants and as she
unbuckled and unzipped him she bent down to brush her lips on the tip. "Do you
want to suck me?" he asked her. "I love to suck your cock. Please may I?"
she answered. He pulled her up by the shoulders and looked in your eyes.
"Sheryl baby, before you can put me in your mouth, I want to tell you that if
you require punishment tonight, we're going to explore different means." She
shuddered slightly and he went on. "You know your safe word but you know that
we both gave me the control and it's up to me to test your limits." She knew
from the stories that this was coming, but it frightened her to realize that
fantasy was actually becoming reality. She also knew her body didn't lie and
couldn't believe how wet and turned on she was. She looked at him. "I'm all
yours" was all she could say. She felt like a whore, fully dressed, prepared
to service the naked man in front of her. "There must be some slut in all of
us" she comforted herself. He leaned up against the back of the chair and
slowly pushed her down until she was on her knees before him. She took him in
her mouth (she always did give the most incredible head, he thought) and it was
only minutes before he filled her mouth.

She went to fix drinks while he caught his breath and when she returned he
motioned for her to come in front of him. "Remember, quiet and still. Can you
remember that?" "Yes" she whispered. He unbuttoned her blouse and started to
tease her nipples with his tongue. She couldn't believe how utterly good it
felt to have his lips there, anywhere, and almost immediately a soft moan
escaped her lips. He stopped what he was doing and said "Looks like we're in
for a long evening" as he led her to the bed. He undressed her, stroking her
as he did so, carefully avoiding any of the places she really wanted him to
touch. They talked, he made her tell him how much she wanted to be touched,
how she had been good, not masturbating while he was gone. He did this for a
couple of reasons, of course it turned him on immensely, but he also knew it
was hard for her, slightly humiliating; nice girls didn't talk like that. Soon
she was lying spread-eagle on the bed before him. He picked a simple feather
from his bag and began to caress her skin with it. At first she lay completely
still, focusing on the feeling, but soon frustration began to give way and as
the feather would approach her nipples or her inner thighs she would shift ever
so slightly. Each time he would lift the feather and softly chide her for
moving. His talk, his presence, and her own desire soon were all making
control more difficult and she knew this was only the beginning. He dripped
warm oil on her chest and rubbed it in everywhere but her nipples. As he oiled
her thighs, he spread her lips and saw her engorged clit, begging. She was
dying for touch and it got to the point where he was only touching her for
seconds before she was twisting, squirming. How would she ever lay still long
enough to have an orgasm, she wondered. It seemed out of reach. He seemed to
read her mind. "Would you like some help keeping still?" he asked her.
"Please, please" she whimpered. She lay limply while he tied her to the
bedposts with scarves. Their teasing games in the past had included
restraints, this was nothing new for her. She was grateful for the bonds and
told him so. "Well, I think there's a price to pay for help, don't you think?"
he said. She nodded, her mind only on her body.

He reached down and began to suck her nipple. She remained quiet. He sucked
the other one. She wondered how this could be the price for the scarves. She
relished the feelings with her eyes closed so didn't see him attach the clamps.
She gasped and struggled against the scarves. The pain was new. "There,
there" he said and kissed her forehead. She winced slightly when he attached a
chain between the clamps and tugged on it, but also noted with great wonder how
it sent fire to other places in her body. "I'll always reward you for taking
pain or punishment like a good girl" he said as his lips began to make their
way down to her crotch. She moaned when he finally flicked her clit with his
tongue and after he pulled away he murmured "But you still have to remain quiet
if you want me to continue. And remember, no cumming without permission." He
continued to tease her with his tongue and she got quite good at supressing the
moans and groans. He thought she needed a little more stimulation (after all,
his whole point was to make her fail). "Open your eyes" he told her and held
the vibrator out for her to see. It was "Y" shaped, designed work both inside
and directly on her clit and he knew it would drive her wild. "What's the
matter?" he asked her, the distress on her face obvious. "This is sure to make
you cum (when I tell you to, he added with his eyes.)" "It will make me
scream" she whispered. "I'll never get to cum. You'll keep stopping." The
idea of even more frustration was even more than she could bear. Tears started
to well up. "Please gag me" she said plaintively, almost begging. She had
never been gagged, but at this point it would seem like the ultimate gift.

"I can't gag you" he said. "Why not?" she whispered as every part of her body
arched against the bonds in an effort to touch him. "Because".. he began, "if
I gag you I won't be able to hear you beg for an orgasm and the only way I'm
going to give you permission to cum is if you beg for it." This was it, she
either had to beg for an orgasm and receive punishment or have one without
permission and suffer the same fate. He hoped he had her in a place where she
was willing to take the step and judging from her panting and straining he
thought she would. "Tears started to roll down her cheeks when she said "But
then I'll be punished" and they both knew her fate. She lay quietly as he
inserted the vibrator (easily) and even for a few seconds when he turned it on.
The pleasure was delicious, but when he turned the clit stimulator on she
moaned and he stopped. This went on several times, (and every time he stopped
he would tug the nipple chain as a slight punishment, just a reminder that they
were still there) until she was almost incoherent with the need to cum.
Finally, even though she moaned, he didn't turn the vibrator off, in fact he
turned it up. She knew she couldn't last much longer. "Beg me and you can
cum" he told her, "beg me". Her internal struggle was great, but finally her
body overruled. "Please, please let me cum" she cried, her body racking with
sobs. She said it over and over, knowing on the inside she wasn't begging for
an orgasm, she was begging for punishment. He turned both parts of the
vibrator on high and removed the clamps and sucked her tender nipples while
orgasm after orgasm raced through her body.

She dozed slightly, floating in the feelings, aware of, but unable to think of
the punishment to come. He untied her, cuddled her, told her how special she
was. Then he told her to get in the shower and get dressed. "But, but" she
stammered, and they both knew what she was talking about. "We're going to grab
a bite to eat. Your punishment will come after dinner. I want you to think
about it." "No" she said sharply, she dreaded having to anticipate it, but
also realized he knew that and it was part of the punishment. "That will earn
you a little extra" he said and motioned her to the shower.

He dried her when she got out and told her he had put out some new things for
her to wear. She was embarrassed to find herself getting wet as she put on the
garter belt and stockings, heels, leather skirt zipped up the front, push up
bra and low-cut shirt. "Pretty average if you don't know what's going on
underneath" she thought. He hopped in the shower and told her to go down to
the bar and order something, he'd be down in a minute. She ordered a drink and
something to eat and he was there shortly. She did love his company so, but
had trouble making small talk, thinking about what was to come. He asked her
to tell him about which story she read on the plane was her favorite. He
lifted her chin to assure eye contact. He loved being able to make her reveal
her most private fantasies, even in an indirect way. "I liked the one where
the wife has to be punished and is to be naked and over the spanking chair when
her husband comes home from work." She went on, "he comes home and fixes a
drink and walks around her and teases her and eventually spanks her, first with
his hand, then with a whip." Saying this, knowing she was going to be spanked
made her worry she was so wet it would soak through her skirt. After they
discussed the story, he asked for the check and told her to go on up while he
took care of things. "I have laid some things out on the bed, things I may or
may not use during the evening. You may look, but you must not touch anything.
Understand?" She nodded, kissed him and made her way, almost shakily to the

The scarves were still evident, but there were pillows stacked in the center of
the bed. A table held a variety of toys and implements. She was scared and
still somewhat still unbelieving of her fantasies coming true and but somewht
thrilled as she looked over the table. There was a riding crop, a flogger, the
gag she had begged for earlier, and something that almost made her gasp, an
assortment of anal vibrators to go along with the one she had used earlier.
She had never been penetrated anally, but actually looked forward to anything
he might do to her, that's how strongly she felt. He was back in the room
before she had to worry about what to do with herself. He sat on the edge of
the bed and told her to stand in front of him. He told her to strip down to
her underwear. She was nervous and the idea of being stripped while he
remained clothed made her feel displayed. Which was exactly his point. He
could see her wetness and reached out to fondle her clit. He ordered her bra
off. He gently touched her nipples, sore from the clamps. "Sometimes when you
are punished the clamps will be an added touch, but for now we'll leave them
off." She was grateful and he went on. "Let's talk about punishment. You
know it is a necessary part of me having control of our sex life, and you know
that me having control will give you more pleasure than you ever could have
imagined. Punishment will vary. Sometimes it will be immediate and over the
knee. Sometimes you will be forced to anticipate it, ask for it even. Tonight
I will tie you, but someday you'll be expected to hold still on your own.
You'll be punished until I feel you have accepted it. Begging will make things
worse." She was going crazy, standing before him in a garter belt and
stockings, wanting everything he had to give her.

He told her to take the stockings off and stand naked before him. He told her
to masturbate, knowing how much this embarrassed her. But it seemed like
standing there waiting for punishment had broken something down in her, and she
began without hesitation. Already he could see that it would only take her a
minute to cum so he told her to stop and to lay face down on the bed. The
pillows made her ass stick up in the air, a position she did find humiliating.
He talked to her about being a good girl for him while he tied the scarves.
When she was bound, he began to caress her with the crop, telling her what it
was, as her face was buried in a pillow. She couldn't wait to feel it across
her ass, after all this time. He knew that and made her wait the way he did
with orgasms. The first sharp sting caught her by suprise and she cried out.
"Quiet, quiet" he cooed, relaxing her just in time for the next one. She
didn't know what to think, how could something that hurt so much feel so good.
He continued to slap her with the crop, enough to cause redness, not hard
enough to bring welts, talking to her the whole time about why she was being
punished. The pain became greater and greater as the tender, virgin skin took
more slaps. She struggled, yet kept raising her ass of the pillows as high as
she could. He couldn't believe the sight of her. She felt....humiliated,
exhilarated, liberated, pain, pleasure, a ball of confusion. Finally, the dam
broke loose and the sobs erupted and her body just gave up. She was limp as he
administered a few more lashes and then stroked her softly. "What a good girl"
he whispered. To stop her from floating into a netherworld, he started to play
with her cunt, provoking a shudder from her every time he touched her clit.
She was in an amazing place and hoped her 'reward' would soon take place. He
dribbled warm oil on her ass and rubbed the sore, red skin. She kept raising
up, hoping he would play with her cunt some more. Soon she felt his finger
probing around her asshole and she immediately tightened up, which he felt. He
leaned to her ear. "Remmber earlier when you said 'no' to me and I told you
there would be something for that?" She whimpered a "yes" and he began to
probe deeper. "You took your first punishment well, I hope you will continue"
he said to her. Bound helplessly, she had no choice but to lay there as she
felt something cold and hard, definitely not his finger, enter her. She cried
in agony as the plug slipped past her sphincter, but actually began to enjoy
the feeling. She thought she would cum when he told her how much he wanted her
in the ass, that someday she'd beg him to take her there, that her ass, spread
out for spanking, was just begging to be fucked. The plug actually had some
kind of twising and vibrating motion and when he turned it on, she knew she
would cum immediately. "Not without permission" he said. She thought she
could hold out, after all she was so much better at waiting than when they
first were together. When she felt the other vibrator slipping into her
dripping pussy and felt the pressure of the clit stimulator, she began to
scream into the pillow. She knew if he turned it on, there was no way she
could stop from cumming and she wasn't ready for more spanking. "Please no"
she cried. "My, my, that sound like begging to me", he said as he reached for
the flogger. As soon as he started to spank her, he turned the other vibrator
on. It all had the desired effect, the vibrators, the spankings, the position,
the anal penetration. The orgasm started immediately, and as the first wave
began he whispered" Cum for me baby" over and over again, knowing that's just
what she'd do.

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