Yet, another lover....  

rm_cjcj9 42F
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5/18/2006 5:15 pm
Yet, another lover....

Another lover that I had was a tall (Very) man. It was coincidence or fate that brought us together, or maybe a night of excess. I don't remember now. He was my dream, the one I secretly desired to be mine. The one who would meet my gaze and smile so seductively that my entire body would go up in flames and I would sneak away to be with him or without him thinking of him. He was my addiction. We would meet in the middle of the night and entangle ourselves for hours until the sun would come up and I would leave before anyone noticed I had been there. I loved the way he smelled on me, his scent, the sweat, the uniqueness of him. To tell a secret...I sometimes would not shower after being with him so the smell and the feeling of him that close to me would linger until I could have him again. You would think that this was a secret rendezvous and in a way it was, but we did not belong to others. It was something we kept between ourselves so that there wasn't something ruined by the thoughts and deeds of others. He would be my favorite lover. We could lay forever just touching, kissing, running our fingers over eachother...just being there together. Sexually, he was fucking amazing...and together we were fucking amazing. He was one of two lovers that I trusted enough to make love to and allow more emotion. He made it easy for me. No man has ever made me feel so wanted and desired as he did. But, as fate would have it, we would not end up together. I like it that way. Because when you allow someone or something too much, it loses it's uniqueness and the deeper meaning it had.

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