True Confession....  

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6/14/2006 5:40 am

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7/18/2006 2:13 pm

True Confession....

When I was younger (and single), my girlfriends and I were not very nice to men. I know...I most women you would probably say. Well, you are probably right. But, we would assess a point system for men. We would be out and meet someone and it would end up being a dare to take him home and if you did you would get 100 points or if he was a hard catch you would get more. You could earn more based on what happened once you got him home, too. These points weren't worth anything but you could say you had the most points. Now, when I was younger I thought this was fun. But, the older I get and the nearer that my sons get to dating (it's still pretty far away), I hope to God that they don't end up with a woman like me. I think it makes me think of "the sins of the father..." I do know that men do the same thing. I have heard in the military men have ugly parties which is a party where they find the ugliest girl they can to bring and the guys vote on who brought the ugliest. I try to justify that the ugly parties are worse, but I know a few men who were not happy when they wanted more from me and I told them they served their purpose. Although I can't imagine how it would feel to a woman who knows she won the ugly party.

Do you have a confession?

rm_talktame44 57M
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6/14/2006 9:22 am

Can't imagine participating in either of those things....and I'm not judging.....I just have a hard time to relating to such things. I guess it's a sad commentary on where society is that I can say I'm not shocked.

As for confessions? Can't really say I have the mean and nasty flavor you seem to be asking about.

Sound like Boy Scout don't I?

Tone_33756 56M

6/14/2006 9:48 am

I'm 97% of ALL men and women play similar games ya'll did. Nothing to be regretting.

I got scammed once - in retrospect, it was kinda funny.

In college, my friends rigged up a tape recorder and taped me trying to get a woman in bed. It was a perfect set up. And they rigged it up in MY apartment.

Needless to say, she had no intentions of doing anything and nothing happened. (I later found out she only screwed black ASU football players)

I thought it was cute and creative. The "Ugly parties" are not cute, nor creative - but very hurtful - not good.

AltumHunksUnite 54M

6/14/2006 10:27 am

I got scammed once in high school. I was a senior, and a junior girl offered to be my Grad Night date.

Sometime that night, she bolted along with her friends.

Later, I found out from one of her friends that she had planned all along to ditch me, and my only purpose was to get her in the gate.

A few days later, I invited her to the prom, and the stupid little girl accepted. She bought a dress, we talked it up like we were gonna have a great time, and then when the night finally arrived, I stood her up and went to a Tampa Bay Rowdies soccer game instead. And they won.

I'm a vicious bastard.

Let me drive. I like the view

rm_bluedog4791 43M
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6/15/2006 8:58 am

I have to say I've done some hurtful things I'm not proud of along the same lines as yours. I think sometimes in a group mentality when our young things just get taken too far or said when they shouldn't be said or done when they shouldn't be done.

One of our main forms of raing was based on the number of beers it would take to take a girl home. Some girls were sober, some were six packs, some were twelve packs and then some were cases. It's just a way of rating the degree of beer goggling someone was doing. I know I know, not the nicest thing but hey when you're a college drunk do you really make many good decisions?

I don't really regret but rather write these things up to youthful immaturity and that group mentality.

rm_Hardpack3 48M

6/15/2006 8:09 pm

When I was in the Army, we used to call that "Hoggin"

rm_tommyv692005 48M
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6/20/2006 5:44 pm

Back in the day when I was "young n dumb" my "crew" and I would leave Chicago and head for Michigan to go camping. We would go to town "trolling"...there were 4 of us...if/when we found some women to come back with us...after getting them "loosened up"....the pretty ones would make it to the tent(s) and the ugly ones would be left by the campfire listening...the next morning someone would drive them all back to town.....DAMN I was a shit-head.....Imagine being left to tend the fire while your "friends" were all having "fun"....

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