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6/19/2006 5:46 pm

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I have many secrets about my life. I think that it has been something that has set me apart from a lot of women. Not the having secrets part, the part of me not having to ask my lover every thing about their life. I don't ask for your secrets so you won't ask for mine. I really don't want to know that much about any one person. But, because of this, I think it makes me lack something. I am not sure how to describe it. I think it may have an affect on my ability to be intimate with someone. How do you feel about secrets? Do you ask for everything? Do you really want to know? Do you tell your secrets?

fsuliber 43M

6/20/2006 5:43 am

Coming from someone that likes to have as much information as I can, I will say knowing someone's secrets is the one area I want to remain in the dark about. Or at least with people that I want to be intimate with. I feel it is because I will have created an image of what this person is and I wouldn't want it to be destroyed...I guess you could say I want to stay in a fantasy mindset.

Do I tell my secrets? Not sure I really have anything interesting or shocking to share. Wouldn't mind that changing though. But to answer your question, most likely would not share them.

MillsShipsGayly 52M

6/20/2006 6:35 am

My lips can and do remain sealed.

I rarely open the metaphorical kimono unless my partner has done so first

LookandWink 64M

6/20/2006 12:36 pm

It depends on the person. When you share your deepest secrets you open your soul. With the wrong person, it may shock them or make them look at you differently, maybe even with disgust. With the right person, it draws them in to your world and lets them see the real you. It can be the cosmic glue that binds you together.

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6/20/2006 6:06 pm

There have been 3 people in my lifetime that I feel/felt I could share my deepest darkest secrets with....1 has passed on, 1 I talk to sporadically and 1 on a regular basis....and I thank the HEAVENS I have /had them....because those type of friends are so few and far between....that to have had 3....I consider myself bad I wasnt that close to my ex-wife....maybe we would still be together if I

rm_ChiRugger 44M

6/21/2006 9:47 pm

Secrets are very important. I don't want anyone to know about parts of my life. This website for instance. It is out of the norm, and it would change a lot of people's views of who I am. Some are also important to share. Intimacy needs an us against the world mentality from time to time. It also helps with the ability to deal with things that are hard for you to understand. Who are you going to get to be honest if you don't let your gard down a little?

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