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8/30/2006 3:29 pm

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Do you remember your first true crush? The puppy love thing? Recently, I ran into my first crush. As with most teenage girls, it was my best friends brother. It was great to see him. It brought me back to that time that you feel the butterflies and hope that one day you will be old enough to be with him. To be honest, I haven't really given him much thought over the years. But, to conclude my crush story, we did end up dating when I was 16. It was not all I had hoped it would be. I think all those years of hoping culminated into him never being able to keep up with knight in shining armour persona that I had assigned him. Obviously, not his fault! But, there was something that I remembered about him from that time that I never thought about until recently. When he loved, he loved completely. He gave everything he had to our relationship even as brief as it was. He had a very hard life and was almost desperate to have someone to love and someone who loved him back. At 16 years old, I thought this was pathetic, but now I feel sad that he was in a place that made him that way. He is and was a great guy.

But, here is the kicker....I met his girlfriend. I HATED her. I could tell in the first 2 seconds of meeting her that she would never love him like he needs to be loved or what I perceive as what he wants. I have a feeling that he has spent these last 15 years looking for something that he has lacked and hoped for; therefore, he has become many a woman's doormat. It makes me sad. Not that I wished we would have stayed together. Not that I think I could love him better. Maybe it is the first crush thing that I feel some weird sense of "ownership" to him. I can't figure it out.

But, being the sensitive kind of girl that I am...I wanted to kick her ass and tell her to quit playing games with this good hearted man who deserves to be loved. Because God knows if anyone deserves it and earns it, it is him

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8/30/2006 4:47 pm

I was once one of those guys who tried to be loved by everyone. I was a door mat. I never understood it. The last time it happened to me it made me bitter, and it had taken me several years to get out of it. I am now a cynic about love and relationships. I have been with women who deserved better, but I was tired of getting hurt. I now feel that I am at an age where the women in my dating pool (my age) have come out the other side of those things as well. I want something better, but to let the guard down is scary.

He will hopefully learn before he has children and screws them up like my parents did.

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I absolutely remember my first crush. New girl, first day of school of sixth grade. I had and have had a crush on her ever since. We tried dating our senior year in high school then had a very brief fling in college but was very similar to what you say, you build somethingup only to have reality smack you upside the temple.

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8/31/2006 1:01 pm

Just fuck the guy silly and build his machismo back up to the level you think it oughta be

Just remember, advice is usually worth what you pay for it

By the way, if you decide to kick her ass, would you please invite me and include lots of jello too ... methinks orange jello would be a nice complement to your skin tone

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