An afternoon with my little devil  

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An afternoon with my little devil

Excerpt from Previous Message: The man leaped into space. He smiled as he thought of her, and he hoped for a soft landing.

My little devil looked sad. I was naked because my little devil once asked me to write naked. The little devil was naked too. We sat side by side as I wrote on my computer, the little devil peering into the screen. "When are you going to stop writing love letters to Little Bee, and pay a little attention me," the little devil said.

"How about now?" I asked.

"Not in the mood," the little devil responded.

I suppressed the urge to laugh. "And what," I asked, "will get you into the mood?"

"Tell me a story," she said.

"Would you like to hear about my first little devil?" I asked.

"You had another little devil," she asked.

"Yes, she was almost as small as you, 4'11", and she definitely was sexy. She broke my heart too."

"Did you fuck her?" The little devil asked.

"Yes, we did have sex."

"Tell me everything. Did she have a tight little pussy like me?" My little devil asked.

"You want the whole story"

The little devil shook her head "yes."

"I was in a singles party in Dallas. A platonic girlfriend, Valerie had me in tow. She escorted me around the room, introducing me to all the single ladies. Unfortunately most seemed rather ordinary. Then we spied a very small woman. She was a redhead and very pretty. "Who is she?' I ask my friend.

"That is Little Lamb," my friend answered, "She is a Doctor. Isn't she cute? Come to think about it, the two of you might hit it off. She is very smart. She is from Poland."

Valerie introduced me to Little Lamb. I said, "I understand you are from Poland, how did you get to the United States? My little question turned into a great pick up line because Little Lamb began telling me her whole life story. My little narrator was very charming and as intelligent as advertised. She told me several risqué stories involving her and several men. There was a certain insinuation in this. I was interested and as soon as she finished her story, I issued a dinner invitation. She promptly accepted.

We went out on several dates. Little Lamb was sexy, and I wanted her, but she always was standoffish. At first I thought it was because she was a doctor and I was doing social work. "She is not interested in me, because of the social status thing." I was getting nowhere. Then one night Little Lamb called me and asked me to take her to a folk festival in Fredericksburg, Texas. I accepted. Originally we planned the trip as a day outing, but then on the road we realized that neither of us had ever seen the Alamo. We decide to include San Antonio in the trip. That meant that we could not return to Dallas that night.

We ended up in a San Antonio Hotel room. "Charles, we will sleep in separate beds," Little Lamb said. "Just pretend that I am a guy."

"OK," I said.

We went to bed. I relaxed and would have gone to sleep, but Little Lamb seemed agitated. She kept tossing about in her bed. Finally, she said, "Charles, I can't sleep. Can I come to bed with you?"

"You are certainly welcome," I replied smiling with delight.

Before I knew what was happening, Little Lamb was in bed with me. I found her snuggling up to me immediately. "Hold me," She said, in her charming Polish accent. I held her, and then before I knew what was happening, her face was next to mine. Our lips meet, and then a tiny tongue darted into my mouth. Her hands were playing over my body, and I began to touch her in all those places that I knew to touch a woman.

Then suddenly Little Lamb placed a small hand on my penis.

"Like this." the little devil said, suddenly grabbing my cock.

"Yes," I said, "you gave a very adequate demonstration."

"I did not mean to interrupt your story," my little devil said.

I smiled.

"I promise that I won't be mischievous."

"You not being mischievous! That is hard to believe."

"Charles if you are going to be like that, I'm not going to play with you." She winked. "Go on with the story," my little devil said, releasing her grip on my copulatory organ. A tiny hand brushed my fingers away from the keyboard. Then she began to type. First she deleted copulatory organ, then she typed, "cock." She turned her pretty little face to me and grinned, "more effect. There was a marry twinkle in her eye. I kissed her on the cheek. "No more play until you finish your story," she said.

"Go on with the story," My little devil said releasing her grip on my cock.

Little Lamb placed her small hand on my cock, and I went into bonier mode.

"My, my aren't we trying to expand our vocabulary today," The little devil interjected.

"Little devil," I said, "if Little Bee were writing your part of my story, you would never sass me like that."

"Your right, Little Bee would have me on your lap with your dick in my cunt already, why are you writing about your old girlfriend anyway?"

"You asked my to tell you a story."
"Yes, but did you think I wanted to hear about an old girl friend?"

"You wanted to hear about my sex life."

"I wanted to hear you tell a story about sex."

"Well we are at that part now. Do you want me to tell it?"

"Go ahead."

Little Lamb placed her hand on my cock and I went into boner mode.

The little devil sighed.

"What have we here," Little Lamb asked. Then she gave my dick a couple of strokes. At first I thought that she was going to go down on me, but instead she kissed me as she continued to hold my dick.

I glanced around at my little devil. She was staring at the same dick Little Lamb had grasped. I knew what my little devil was thinking too.

Little Lamb was lying next to me in bed, and then suddenly she turned on her back and opened her legs. "Come inside me," she said. "Make love to me!"

"Make love to me? Charles that is not your style."

"That was what Little Lamb said."

"Sorry to interrupt, go on."

I was on her instantly, and began to embed my pulsing cock into her tight little cunt.

"Was it as tight as mine," the little devil asked.

"No," I said, "No one has a tighter little pussy than you do." My little devil smiled.

"Would you like to lick it now," she enquired."

"That was the whole idea, to tell you a story in order to get your horny. Then we would make love."

"Charles, I'm disappointed, you are using your literary talents in order to seduce me."

I couldn't help laughing. Of course I am. My little devil beamed. I love it when you seduce me with your stories. Do you really want to fuck me?


"Are you tense?'

"This isn't just a literary exercise?"

"No, I really want to screw you to kingdom come."

"Go ahead with your story."

"Where was I?"

"Your turgid cock was filling her tight little cunt. As I remember it."

"I don't recall saying 'turgid.'

"I just tossed that in, it is one of the expressions you often use. Personally I like distended better."

I cast her an evil glance.

"Charles, am I bothering you?"

"No, every storyteller loves to be constantly interrupted by mischievous little devils. If you don't behave yourself I am going to ask Little Bee to discipline you.

"Do you think that Little Bee cares? The little devil asked. "I bet you that she will enjoy the way I tease you. As a matter of fact, I dare you to send her this story, because it will give her ideas."

"I'll take you up on that dare."

"Charles you will regret it. You know that Little Bee is really behind the little devils mischief. You are putting yourself straight into a trap. Inviting no end of trouble. She can run rings around you. She is too quick for you."

"I am a big boy. I can take care of myself."

"Do you think so? Finish your story some other time, fuck me instead," my little devil said. We frolicked and romped all afternoon, and when my little devil had at last fallen asleep, I went to the computer and mailed the incomplete story to Little Bee, hoping that she would be pleased at how her little devil had faired at my hands.

After I finished sending my e-mail to Little Bee, I rejoined the little devil in bed. She was soundly asleep, so I kissed her gently, lay down with my arm around her, and promptly went to sleep. When I finally woke up, I saw her peering into the computer screen. She turned and greeted me with a smile. “Your stories are incomplete,” she said.

“What do you mean stories?” I asked.

“You have two stories, each about you and a little devil. But they are different little devils. One story was about me, and the story about how you become lover with Little Lamb. I distracted you from finishing either one.”

“I thought that I had finished the story about us.”

“Charles, your story is for Little Bee, do you think that she is satisfied with your drawing the curtain, just at the point you start having sex with her representative in the story.”

“Her representative?”

“Yes. me.”

“Now you have got to tell her all about what we did, every position, every groan.”

“Not artistic. It has to fit into the story.”
“Charles are you telling me that you are not going to write about sex for Little Bee any more?”

“No, I just have certain impulses and ideas when I write. Writing for Little Bee is one way to develop a craft, and she likes my story.”

The little devil fell silent. I took that as my cue to turn on the computer and sit down and wrote:

I took the little devil in my arms and held her, kissing her on the lips.

“Wait,” said the little devil, “that is not happened at all, you are just writing one of your typical sex scenes. You will going to describe people engaged in epic sexual trysts, fucking their brains out. You are a 60 year old man with a bad heart. There is a little discrepancy between your fantasies and your ability to perform. You are, however a crafty of lion, and certainly capable of satisfying a woman, even if you cant fuck like a 20 year old gymnast, if you ever could.”

“I have had enough,” I said. “You are temporarily vanished from my study so I can get some writing done.”

“But Charles I was only trying to help you write.”

“One writer in the room is enough for right now, thank you very much.”

“Charles, please don’t be angry with me.”

“I usually don’t stay angry long, besides I love you too much to sent you away for long,”

The little devil smiled. “I will go, but you will bring me back as soon as you start writing. You will see.”

She walked out of room with a quite wiggle. She was totally naked as she always was. Cute little horns poking above her blond hair.

I sat down at the computer to write, but my mind was completely blank. Then as if a fog had lifted. I wrote, “After hurling through the air for a seeming eternity, the man finally touched the grown. He tumbled over a couple of times and then everything was still. He lay still for a moment and then he picked himself and examined his body. A few scrapes and bruises, but it could have been so much worse, he thought. He realized how dazed and confused he was. He looked around and recognized the spot. It was exactly where he had landed 32 years ago. That recognition increased his feeling of safety and somehow gave him a feeling of pride. ‘The confusion will last for a while, it always does,’ he thought. Then he saw a small figure. She was blond and had tiny horns ‘I am still enchanted,’ he thought. Then she took my hand and began to pull me away from the landing spot. He looked back. ‘There is nothing there for you she said. Come with me.”

“Where are we going?” He asked.

“To your computer.”

She led him to his study. The computer was already turned on. He sat down in front of it and looked blankly into the screen. Then he wrote:

My little devil looked sad. I was writing naked, because my little devil once asked me to write naked.

I suddenly recognized that I was back at the beginning. Then the study door opened, “I’m back,” the little devil said as she walked back into the room, giving me a cute suggestive wiggle. “You can’t keep me out of your mind yet. You still will have me around for a while. Right now you need me anyway.”


“Why do I need you?”

“The confusion, You will also have moments of great clarity, I will help you sort things out.”

“Oh.” said. “But what will Little Bee say when you don’t come home.”

“Little Bee has another little devil, a am a duplicate, implanted in your mind.”

“Is the other little devil going to be disappointed that I am not playing with her.”
“Not at all, she will probably be pleased once she is sure that the havoc your mind is in is harmless and probably will be beneficial to you.”

“One more question, who is Little Bee who has cast this spell over me.”

The little devil went to my computer and brought up Google. She typed in the words “mouse spirit.”

“Mouse spirit?” I asked.

“Yes, she impersonated Minnie Mouse for 5 years.”

The search page came up. The first entry began: Walt Disney Art Classics's Mickey Mouse - Spirit of America . . .”

Further down the page another entry read: Spirit Mouse. I followed the link:

Welcome to Spirit Mouse
where you will find respite for your soul and your spirit
Grab a cup of coffee (or tea), relax and stay awhile.

Further down the page I found Healing For The Wounded Spirit.

“Do you need more?” the little devil asked.

“Mouse Spirits in Ancient Greece,” I intoned knowingly, in words that encompassed everything I knew about the subject. And then remembered reading sometime in the distance past, Robert Graves, I think, that the god Apollo was originally a mouse spirit.

“My library is so disorganized from the last house painting, that I can’t find Graves’ Mythology.”

“I only meant it as a joke,” my little devil said.

“Little Bee has risen in the ranks of Disney since her Minnie Mouse days. And as you know a magic kingdom,” The little devil said.

“Is what you are telling me that I am a victim of Disney magic?”

“Not much magic there, I am afraid. Except maybe around Little Bee.”

“What about Little Bee’s magic?”

“Well just look what she did to you.”

“You got my mind off her for a while, and talking to you has calmed me.”

The little devil put a sign on my desk. It said, “The Doctor is in.”

“Tell me more,” she said in a Viennese accent.

I laughed.

“That is better,” the little devil said and turned the sign around. The other side of the sign said, “The little devil is in.” She gave me a wicked grin.
“You have stories to tell. And while you are at it, you can clear up the mystery of about landing in the same spot 32 years ago. You’ve done this before? Tell me about it.”

“Something like this happened to me a long time before. It was painless, because It was entirely fantasy.”

“It wasn’t your other little devil?


“Are you going to tell me about it?”

“Maybe some day, But I have too many narratives going right now, and I don’t want to start another until some of the stories are tied up. Besides,” I said with a wink, “a man should have some mysteries ands secretes.”

“Maybe I will take a peek in the back of your mind, I can you know.”

“I have no objection, but don’t tell Little Bee what you find.”

“You are separating the two of us?”

“I have, although you are still Little Bee’s representative in my imagination. But it is my imagination, not Little Bee’s, even if originally you were Little Bee’s creation.”

“We have talked enough,” the little devil said, “It is time for you to write something. She turned the sign again, it now said, “The Doctor is out.” She grinned as she showed me the trick. Then she turned the sign yet again. It said, “the little devil is in.”

I wrote, “We frolicked and romped all afternoon,”

After we left the computer, my little devil looked at me and said, “Charles you look tired, you have fallen from a great height, are you sure that you are OK?”

“I am tired, but OK.” The little devil was naked as she always was, I looked at her tiny breasts. They were so cute and adorable that I could not resist touching one. A tiny nipple rose as I touched it. I could not resist the urge to put my lips to it. I sucked the little nipple and then I stroked it with my tongue.

My little devil sighed. “Charles,” she said, and that was all.

My hands gently stroked her body, searching out all those spots where my touch would excite. Her hands sought touched my body too, barely touching me, she gradually raised my level of excitement. “Charles,” she said again.

My tongue touched a favorite spot. Her back arched, “Lick me lower,” she said. I did. Then I saw her toes. I held her tiny foot and sucked a toe. She squealed with delight. I sucked her other toes sticking two or three in my mouth at once. I kissed and licked her feet and then my tongue proceeded upward on her legs until I reached the inner part of her thigh. Then my tongue sought her clit. She sighed and her back arched again. My tongue probed her pussy. “Please don’t stop,” she said.

I grasped tiny ass with my hands, and played with her ass cheeks. My little devil was aroused. “Charles, fuck me now,” she said. But I had not achieved a full erection. She saw the situation and said, “Don’t worry about it. You are doing fine. I am enjoying pleasure, you are giving me. I reached up with a hand and played with a tiny titty. She sighed with pleasure. I could tell from her movement that she was about to come. I redoubled my play with her body and then she was at the moment of crisis. Her small hands grasped my head, and then a wet flood struck my tongue. Afterwards, she began to play with my body. I was too tired to resist. Her hands, tongue and lips were everywhere on my body as she made little erotic discoveries. Then she began to play with my shaft with her hands, while her tongue played with my balls. “I know that you are tired,” she said sweetly, “Just relax and let me bring you to a climax. It took a long time for me to reach to point of orgasm, but when I did, it was with exquisite pleasure.

My little devil sat next to me reading the lines of my story as I wrote them. “that is good enough,” she said. “You have made my pussy wet again. You can make love to me now. Finish Little Lamb’ story some other time.”

How could I resist the sweet entreaties of my little devil?

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Isn't she delicious. Every time I see her hot litle pussy, I want to lick it. I want to place my lips on her clit and suck real hard. I want to a finger into her ass and fuck it whilre she goes crazy. After she gets real wet I want to suck her dripping cunt, tasting her juices and drinking them down. When she comes, I hope that she sprays my face with her ejeculation. I will wipe myself off on her tight belly, and then I will lick the humidity from her body.

rm_budman1213 65M

8/10/2005 9:32 pm

enjoyed very much. look foward to more.


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