Sunday Drive  

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7/11/2006 9:51 am
Sunday Drive

It’s Sunday, I’m nervous as I drive to Phoenix. Will she meet me or not? I wonder to myself. I drive to the hotel and check-in. I take my directions that I’ve been given and drive to the location. I have the butterflies that are associated with something new and mysterious. I’m worried, she is married and I don’t want any trouble. I remember her picture from the website and it would be worth it if I could just get my mouth on that body.
I drive into the parking lot of the bar she told me to come to. We’ve talked on the phone a couple of times and her voice is sexy and arousing. I exit the car and walk in to the bar. I take a seat at a table. The bartender comes over and asks me what I would like to drink. I order just a coke, because I want all my brain working. I wait. I was right on time, but I’m patiently excited. The door opens about ten minutes later and all I can make out is the silhouette of a young female. The door closes and my eyes adjust. It’s her. She smiles nervously and makes her way toward me. She standing there looking at me and me at her. She asks my name and I tell her it’s me. She sits down and looks around cautiously.
I was worried she wouldn’t show, I tell her and she laughs at the fact she drove around on purpose to delay the inevitable. I ask her if she’d like a drink, she smiles and say’s sure. I order her a drink with the bartender and I get a beer. He brings them over and we start to talk. Nothing too heavy, I try to make her laugh and succeed. I notice her begin to relax.
We finish our drinks and I ask if she’d like another round or would she like to go for a drive. She wants to get out of there and settles for the drive.
We leave her car and take mine out on the road. I’m not too familiar with the area and ask her to tell me where to go. She says to just drive, so I head south. I place a hand on her leg and start to lightly caress. She wore a knee length Jean skirt and long sleeve shirt with knee high boot and three inch heels. We’re both talking but neither one of us is really paying too much attention to the actual conversation. She is beautiful and I’m finding it hard to concentrate on the road. I don’t understand how any man could not want to satisfy this woman all night long. I get more daring in my caress and move it down over her knee. I use my nails to scrap lightly over the top and she inhales sharply. I’m getting excited now and there is a bulge in my pants. I’ve noticed she’s noticed it. I’m rubbing her thigh slowly inching closer to her heat. She’s breathing harder and the conversation has come to a halt. Suddenly she shifts closer to me and reaches over to caress my hard-on. I quickly move my hand to her crotch and start to rub the center through her panties. Their wet, not sopping but noticeably wet. As I rub, she rubs harder. She asks to see it. I tell her to go ahead and take it out. With two hands she undoes my belt, button and zipper. She carefully reaches in to take hold of him. I think she’s surprised I don’t have any underwear on. She pulls him out and stares at him. Well what do you think? She says she is pleasantly surprised. I watch as she licks her lips. I know what’s coming next, but still love the moment all the same. She shifts in her seat again and lowers her head into my lap. I reach over and pull her skirt up from the back so I can play along. I feel her tongue encircle my head and slowly she puts it into her mouth. She’s good I think to myself. I have to concentrate; I want to get my finger in and around her pussy. I have to drive. I have to maintain a safe speed. Where are we going? I slip my fingers around the thong and place a finger at her wet entrance. I feel her mouth come off for a second and she tells me to finger her hole. I gladly do as I’m told. I slowly shove my two fingers into her. She’s tight and I wait to stretch her. She starts to quiver almost instantly and once I feel her muscles relax a little I start sawing in and out of her. I want to make her cum and quickly. I hear her moaning around my shaft. I know she’s close and withdraw my fingers to rotate my wrist so I can place a thumb on her clit as I continue my manipulations on her vagina. When my thumb starts its circular motion, I feel the walls convulse and begin to really fuck her with my digits. Her mouth has been working wonders on my dick and I’m really close to my own climax. I have the talk. Do you want a warning when I’m close? She tells me that I can do whatever I want under panted breath. I never see her face. She engulfs me again and uses her hand to milk me along with her mouth. I continue to fuck her pussy and she begins to cum. The combination of her mouth, hand and her moaning bring me to the end. I tell her I’m cumming and add a third finger to her dripping sex. She brings her mouth to the top and jerks me rapidly. It’s one of the most intense orgasms of my life and I almost black out as I send a torrent of semen into her mouth. She sucks it all down. Doesn’t spill a drop. I start to shake as I get extremely sensitive following an orgasm. She is still quivering coming down from her apex. She tells me that we need to pull over. I don’t know where we are. I ask if she want to go back to my hotel room. She lets me know that she can’t wait that long.


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