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5/13/2006 7:30 am

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it all started 12 years ago some say that we were to young but it didnt matter to me I loved this woman with all my heart and I thought she did to. But when it came down to it I was only ther to take care of her. we had been through alot together starting with 2 wonderful kids that mean the world to me. But life went down hill when she was pregnant with our second child> She had gotten in a car accident when she was pregnant no one was hurt but they couldn't do x-rays on her to find out. so a couple of years latter her back went to hell. and 4 surguries later and 5 vertabries fussed together she is better. but when she got better she didn't want me any more it was like what the hell I spent the last 6 years takeing care of her at the hospital at home what ever she need it was me not to metion the finacial burden that occured with it all. None of it mattered to me I loved her I would have done anything for her it was like nothing mattered to me exept her.

but then she found a new job oh it must have been a couple years of years ago she was feeling better so I encuraged it it would be good for her to get out. and meet new people. so she took the job and she met new people they started to go to the bars and stuff after work I didn't care they were women so what did it matter I knew she was bi she couldn't hanndle that but what ever. it really didnt matter to me I stayed home with the kids I enjoyed that. I got out at times. She was much happier now so I was happy. she always came home to me. and the sex was great when she did. but she was getting more independent which was good.

so it was a year ago in April her father passed away and being that loveing husband that I was I took the week off of work and spent it with her she was very close to her dad I was to. it was a tuff time for both of us but she didn't care how I was feeling it was al about her like normal. well time went on things were starting to get worse beween us we didn't talk very much any more. I didn't think things were bad but that was what love does keeps you blind to what is really happening. well a month later my uncle died he help raise me and my sibling after my father died when we were young.I was very close to him and she new it so what the fuck do you think she did. Well she managed to make it to the funeral then she left again the fucking bicth that is when I found out that she didn't love me not the way I loved her. so in the sumer thing kept getting worseI was realizeing that she didn't care for me the same as I cared for her.we tried therapy that is when I found out that she wasnt even willing to try so that was about it for our marrage

So as she ripped my heart out and stomped on it I realized what love and marrage is supposed to be and this is what I look forif I find it great but I will have fun trying if and when I meet that person it is going to be wonderful shit I got off track again so this is what I think marriege should be it must be a mutual love that will never die that both people cant live with out each and are willing to go to the end of the earth for each other it would have to be filled with excitement and longing for each other that is what it is.

so as I am on my journy threw life the altamite goal is to find that person the one that will make my heart sing when I'm with her and ack when I'm not but sex is way to good not to enjoy it. so always up for a good time and to experiment while on the journy

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