The Best Pickup Lines in the World....  

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3/10/2005 3:08 am

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The Best Pickup Lines in the World....

As my faithful audience knows(that's an audience of one--myself), I spend some time hanging in the chatroom. Come visit the Southern California room--otherwise known as The Love Boat if you dare. Herewith, my favorite pickup lines of the evening. I wish I'd thought of these gems....I'd have an A.F.F. date every night!

"any fun bang ass or funmn people in oc?" No translation needed for that one.

"Hey....why not come here for the REAL salami and leave the T-V dinners alone?" universal language of love

(to a woman he's never talked to before) " name's John. Want me to come over and fuck you silly?" The simple caveman approach for those of you who get tongue-tied around women.

"Great pics, I'd love to fuck that perfect ass of yours all night long" anal sex with a random stranger at 1 am sounds HOT....but all night long might just be a bit painful.

there you have it, just a few of the diamonds to be found among the lumps of coal in the chatrooms.

ScooterpieJane 62F

3/25/2005 4:57 pm

Hey...your faithful audience is going through chucka95 new blog withdrawl...who does a loyal fan have to blow around here to get another installment?

ScooterpieJane 62F

4/4/2005 11:47 pm the gal a favor and delete that silly ol' comment above, would'ya doll? thanks. (and this one too of course )

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