Its me!  

rm_chnbb25 40F
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4/6/2006 4:46 pm
Its me!

How does life get so busy that you lose touch with the very people that use to keep you going at one point in your life? I think on all the people that really touched my life and now as I get older I feel sad when I think about all of the wonderful people that helped me mantain through the years that are now lost somewhere in time, but only in my memory. As we get older it seems we seek out genuine and real people with some old sense of familiarity and comfort.....Do you agree? As you leave the bull and the fake people behind you see that your stock of real friends is running low, or always did but you are just now noticing it! I am thinking now that I need to locate the people that value and know me and like me for who I am and not what I have, because I had nothing when I had them......Am I losing you? So come on back, lets find eachother again and spark that flame that blew out and left us with is empty space in our souls! It is worth a try, lets not lose the parts of us that only are true friends know and we hope our spouses, new friends and kids can see..........Find Me!

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