Fantasy or Fiction?  

rm_chiszel 47M
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5/19/2006 6:05 pm
Fantasy or Fiction?

I as many, fantasize for the sexual fulfillment that in time eludes us in a constant relationship. Although my wife is beautiful and I am in great shape and also easy on the eyes, the passion slips and for various reasons the excitement of a touch, a kiss or a first time passionate embrace becomes lost in life's daily routine. Not lost is the desire, the empty void that leaves us searching, secretly hoping to have the thrill of unbridled passion flood over us. Is it possible that fantasies can be fulfilled without interruption of our current lives. I have approval to discreetly satisfy my needs, but finding spontaneous passion with compatible chemistry seems all but a fantasy. Can this passion be found and experienced with out expectations other than sharing the pleasures within us. Tell me your stories, can fantasies really come true or are fantasies fiction?

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