The Fantasy  

rm_charmedmn 56F
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4/20/2006 2:45 pm
The Fantasy

Things are in the unusual this week because it all has worked out in the sexual department....not that it hasn't before but hey that person and i met and wow what a ride.. it was all i expected and more from a very erotic dessert of strawberries and bubblie with chocolet of course.. candles burning and feathers ready yippee... the kisses of a feather touch and very demanding were the beginning of a fantasy in it's self it made me feel like a porn star of the century it as like a soft gentle storm excitement ruled the air the smells intriged my erotic emotions and lit a fire being secured with silk ties were also soooo much fun and it built up a flame of desire like i have never experianced before the wax was delightfully painful and it held it's own frgging turn on boy let me say that i have never felt like I had left earth and time before but damn it was sooo very hot and wild it lit up my sexual soul so to speak I came like I'ld never came before it was a whole new world to me and full of excitement i never experianced before just the waiting for the wax to drop made my nipples rock hard and the erotic way my partner used those feathers and her own body parts wow i really couldn't believe extasy was ever like that waves of pleasure came over me time after time it was almost like i wasn't myself it was someone else except it was me... and it felt like it would last forever and i wanted it too...but after 6 hours of pleasure after pleasure it was nice to wrap up with someone just as exausted asi we pleasured each other in many ways and i believe we both had a wonderful first encounter from my fantasy in my head to reality it was much better than i ever thought possible it didn't realize how wonderful tongues and fingers are use your imagination to understand what i felt for my first fantasy encounter....<<! was sooooo greatnext time.......................

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