who wants to come & fuck me?  

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7/10/2006 5:54 pm

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10/15/2008 4:59 pm

who wants to come & fuck me?

i thought that would get someones attention! i just left meerkittykat 's office, checking out how the voting was going, & i must say i am disappointed. & a little hurt. out of all those of you i talk to regularly, & those that read here regularly but dont comment- (yes you!! dont try to sneak out the back) very few have voted. it doesnt have to be anything witty or long, just "Frisky Fellow" in big letters would do!
so get your sweet little asses over to

[post 419109]
and vote for chubbylover53 and me!! just imagine how much i would appreciate you helping me get a raise from chubby, & what id do with it!!

is....Sir, You win, of course...You shall have what You desire.


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