the way i like movie night......  

rm_chanda69 49F
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6/7/2006 8:04 pm

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3/26/2011 11:45 am

the way i like movie night......

as for the movie, i've never been big on "chic flicks" but a few of my fav's - untamed heart (Marisa Tomei & Christian Slater) Benny & Joon (Johnny Depp & Mary Stuart Masterson- i think) 50 first dates (Drew Barrymore & Adam Sander) & last of the Mohican's.
so, if we were lying on the couch with you watching a movie in nothing but a baby doll & pj's, would you let me lay you down & snuggle in between your legs & play with your cock slowly,alternately licking & sucking playing with the head, then caressing your balls with my tongue? i love to give long, slow, unhurried head, the kind that starts when the movie does & finishes when the credits are rolling. at first your hand is absently caressing my head,neck & face, but if i get too fast or vigorous, or you don't want to come yet, you gently make a fist in my hair, close to the back of my head & pull my head away, my tongue reaching , my eyes asking to have it back in silent protest. when you are ready to come, you hold my head by the hair on both sides, gently but firmly, holding me immobile, while you thrust your cock into my mouth from below, slowly at first, then increasing in speed & tension, our eyes locked, breathing ragged, my pussy twitching, until your eyes begin to roll up, your body goes stiff, & you explode in my mouth- which sends me over the edge- squealing & moaning my body spasming sucking voraciously on your cock to extract every drop!
while you laid back to enjoy the endorphins, i would be cleaning up anything i missed with my tongue ( something i don't have to do very often) in a very leisurely fashion.

(is) "would you like me to go up & turn down the bed, Sir?"


rm_chanda69 49F
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6/8/2006 7:48 pm

i totally agree about the scene in the fort!! that and-

"what are you looking at sir?"

"why, i'm looking at you miss."

there was something so devouring about that scene & later when they make love that drew me in so intensely!

sort of like the scene in the fast & the furious where vin diesel & the girlfriend are in the shop working on a car, & they start to kiss, he picks her up & she straddles him, his hands squeezing her ass.....

as for sleepwear, im a looong t-shirt kinda girl, or if its cold, flannel pjs or nightie.

ill get the bed warmed up for you... are you right-handed or a southpaw? should i sleep on your right or left- (to give more comfortable access) it doesnt matter to me, just spoon me ....please Sir.


retentive_mikeh 48M/48F
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6/19/2006 10:00 pm

YOU: i love to give long, slow, unhurried head, the kind that starts when the movie does & finishes when the credits are rolling

ME: Getting hard just thinking about you giving head ... I was worried that it was becoming a lost art ... keep up the good work!

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