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6/19/2006 8:31 pm

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fuck story

--a copy of a post on another site- for more background see the last post.

i had to go to child support court today with an ex that i hadn't
seen in 10 years until Feb 2. He came over one time since then
& we got an hour alone & couldn't keep our hands
off!! Today, when we got back He fixed something on my van
& came inside for a while. When i thanked Him for it,
He leaned back & said i think you know a better way to
thank me than that - and it was on!! i may not have seen Him
in years, but i still remembered the size of Him & He
knew how to use it then- Hes been telling me on the phone how
much of a freak He is. Hes been living with a bisexual topless
dancer (for12yrs!) that brought girls home from the bar
to share; so i knew i was in for a wild ride!
i started off slowly working my way down His body with my
tongue, teasing his nipples as i ease off His shirt. He loves
long hair, & i love to caress a lovers body through it.
so it took me a while before i released His thick cock from
His jeans. i loved the taste of Him! i slowly took all of Him
into my mouth that i could, but ive only recently been able
to really deep throat, & even semi hard, i had to work
to get very far. we were in a 69 position on our sides &
i was really enjoying this slow head i was savoring when
He began slowly stroking the inside of my thigh & giving
me that "look" & slid 2 fingers in! before
i could even gasp, His tongue was on my clit, slow and warm.
i couldent help but moan thats when He turned & said
"youre not allowed to move" i thought i would
come right then! we had never discussed any role playing
or DOM/sub activities, so hearing that was like a ray of
hope! i tried so hard to be still but He finally told me to
just lay there with His cock in my mouth & concentrate
on that & be still! Then He went back to my pussy with
a vengence!- fingers tongue & teeth! When i was gasping
for air around the throbbing object of my lust in my mouth,
He suddenly flips me around on my back, places His swollen
cock against my dripping pussy lips & tells me i cant
have any more until i tell Him He can have what He wants. With
a grin He whispers "I want your ass" i had already
told myself i wasn't going to go there, but now He was
rubbing my clit, my pussy down to my ass with the head of His
hot meat! i tried to wiggle myself further up onto Him when
i thought i had Him distracted, but He pulled back &
"No, No, No, you havent given me my answer"
i couldn't take it any more! i whispered "O.K."
"No, " He said, "That's not the way
you ask" all I could do was lay there & twitch for
a moment, then i lay my head at his knee & said "please
fuck my ass." He rolled me over onto my stomach &
had me up on my knees with my ass in the air, cheeks & pussy
spread wide & vulnerable. He lubed up his hand &
told me to rub my clit. He kept a finger slowly rubbing my
ass as He slid 3 fingers inside me, & i could feel my warm
juice run down my leg. He slowly worked a finger into my ass,
telling me to relax, & how wild & sexy i am. then
He began to rub the head of His cock against my ass, slowly
sliding in, until He was half inside me! that's when
He stopped & said that was all i had to take for today.
but i wanted more by then, so i rocked myself back against
Him, & said "may i have more please?" "that's
what I thought you'd say" He chuckled & slid
the rest of His shaft deep into my quivering ass, grinding
Himself against my bucking body, by now i was moaning &
groaning, whimpering that it felt sooo good!!! when my
body stopped shaking uncontrollably, He slid out &
went to the bathroom & brought back a towel & wet
washcloth & said "I should make you clean Me up"
i jumped up as quickly as my tender body would allow me, to
kneel between his feet with the washcloth & soap, lovingly
cleansing every inch of Him because He wasn't finished
& i was hoping i could have him in my mouth again- what
was that saying about being careful what you wish for???
when i was done washing Him, He told me I had some unfinished
business to attend to, so i gratefully took Him between
my lips, rolling my tongue around the head, gently caressing
His balls, slowly working my way down His shaft until i couldn't
breathe! i wanted to feel Him slide down my throat but He
was too BIG! He knew i was frustrated, & asked me gently, "would
you like me to help you out?" all i could do was nod,
so He guided me around so my head was hanging off the side
of the bed, He stood over me & said "I'm going
to push you. If you really want to be able to do this, this
is the only way its going to happen. It may hurt, but I think
you can handle it"
with that He slid His cock to the back of my throat & began
rhythmically sliding, slowly from the very back where
i couldn't breathe, till all i had was the tip, reaching
greedily for Him with my tongue.then as He slid in a little
slower, He firmly said "Now" & pressed
Himself into my throat! He didn't go very far, but held
Himself until i gagged, & when i had recovered myself,
He slowly withdrew. when i could do more than gasp, all i
could say was "more" so we began again, and again,
and again, until i had almost all of Him!! i came, shuddering,
His hand drenched by my cunt juice as He slammed 3 fingers
deep inside me, His cock throbbing inside my throat! before
i stopped shuddering, He threw me up on the bed hooked His
arms under my knees, bent me in half & slammed the entire
length of His battering ram deep inside me, pushing me up
until i was curled in on myself! all i could do was wail !!
He gritted His teeth He was pushing His cock into me so hard
just a constant pressure... He leaned in close & said
"you can fuck whoever you want since I live 3 hours
away, but from now on you are going to ask before you loan
out My pussy... WONT you?" i couldn't take anymore
!!! i came violently, but could do nothing more than shake
& moan as He was covering me completely with His body,
holding me tight until it was over, & i was coherent
again. only then did i realize what i had done without saying
a word. He knows now what i'm into-(i showed Him my profile
on here) but that moment, with my body's betrayal,
(or affirmation?) is when we both realized- i am His.


retentive_mikeh 48M/48F
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6/19/2006 9:49 pm

fucking hot story!

timberwolf6972 45M

6/20/2006 1:33 am

Hello, I love the story. Btw, I can read so would you like me to send that invite now or should I wait! {=}

rm_Exceller22 56M
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6/20/2006 11:27 am

Awesome story...gotta go change my pants!

OcelotScratch 49M
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6/20/2006 8:03 pm

Very, very nice.

elysianpleasure 48M

6/20/2006 8:16 pm

very hot... thanks for sharing...

youthenme1 62M
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6/22/2006 4:49 am

I need to go and take care of myself after reading that....it's as hard as a rock. Wish you were here!!

chainsaw244 46M

6/22/2006 2:36 pm

your story rocks! thanks for sharing that story...

rm_chanda69 49F
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6/22/2006 7:40 pm

sorry its taken me so long to respond to everybody's comments- the subject of the story was here today. lots of prep time for a 3 hr late arrival, 45 min. stay, & nothing exciting to report. but thanks for the great reviews!!!
time to go make a mess of my own!(giggles)



Knox_big_sexy 47M

6/27/2006 8:27 pm

Hey sexy. Hot story. Maybe sometime I'll have a chance to talk to you when your hands are free and no-one is looking over your shoulder.

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