friday night alone  

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5/22/2006 11:22 am

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friday night alone

such an eventful weekend!!! first Friday night, i was here, just browsing around, peeping in on some blogs, catching up on things, when my computer flickered, & i took off the headphones.(sonia dada) there was a major thunderstorm rolling in & just to be on the safe side, i turned off the computer. as i was already primed, i got out the toy box, opened the blinds, laid the wrong way on the bed (to be next to the window) watching the lightning, stroking my clit. i have always had a "thing" for thunderstorms, & this one didn't disappoint! the bed shook(not just from me) the thunder rattled the windows & the lightning light up the sky, flickering across my naked trembling body. i have always been multi-orgasmic, & once i have a good one, i can let myself come down a little, then easily have another more intense one. over the next 2 hours i came at least 15 times! i rode the peaks of my own lust, coming hard with every flash & rumble outside! i rarely gush when i am alone, but i did Friday!!!
by the time the fireworks had passed to a steady, soothing rain, i was exhausted, & slept like a baby until dawn. when i woke it was to enjoy the clean air over a cup of coffee on the porch. smiling at the sight of water dripping from the leaves, memories of the night before & thoughts of what was to come tonight.....


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