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5/17/2006 1:11 pm

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dancer in my rolodex

Its a warm breezy evening, & you & i are walking hand in hand after a light meal, window shopping. the street we're on is leading into a darker, seedier area of town, with pawn shops & "adult video" stores replacing the more "respectable" businesses we usually frequent. we decide to take the next turn, & circle back to head for home, & your hand slips to my ass, giving it a light squeeze, & you whisper in my ear that you want me to strip for you later. as i am imagining myself on the coffee table swaying before you, i raise my eyes, & what is before me but a giant sign that says GIRLS. i catch my breath & stop, looking into your eyes, the longing in mine unmistakable. we approach the door, the scent of liquor, smoke, sweat & cheap perfume drifting out to meet us as if to entice us further. when you pay the doorman, he looks me up & down, & his appraisal is clear- looks good, but too uptight to be any real fun. boy do i have news for him!!
as our eyes adjust, i can see there aren't many people here, a few construction crews & out of townies in suits being teased by the scantily clad waitresses. we find a table near the dance platform as the music changes to a slow, sultry beat. the lights go almost totally out, except for a spotlight near the center stage.
when she appears, it is a shock! she looks enough like me to be a sister! our eyes are drawn to her as she slowly sways, her hips writhing breasts swaying to the beat. when she is near enough to see us you put a bill in her garter, & i can see the thin film of sweat glistening above her pink nipples. her eyes meet mine & widen slightly, then a slow smile spreads across her face, as if she has just recognized a kindred soul. she glides away, to tease others, & i am left stunned with my desire to climb between her thighs, to make her smile again. when her turn on stage is over , she comes to our table, leans up close to us pressing her breasts against my arm & looks into your eyes. "wouldn't it be interesting to have us dancing side by side?" she says. i can see that the idea is getting you very excited, & i ask her if they allow audience members on stage. "if i say so they will" she throws over her shoulder as she saunters away.
i am speechless at this point, & all you do is nod when she comes back for me. she leads me to a dressing room, putting me in a thin filmy silk robe matching hers.
on stage, in the dark, she softly cups my cheek & whispers, "just let the music take you" & kisses me softly as the music touches us, as if catching us in a stolen embrace. the lights start at our feet, so close together, slowly moving up our entwined bodies writhing against each other. we never leave each other touching teasing tasting throwing a glance to you telling of pleasures to come. she leads me to the edge of the platform, allowing others to give her their offerings, to attempt to gain her favor, some reaching for me, only for her to slap their hand away possessively.
as the music fades, she heads for our table & pulls you along to the dressing room. by the time we shut the door, locking it with a decisive click, we are all breathless & laughing. you push us both on the couch, appraising the sheen on our bodies. kneeling in front of us, you slide 2 fingers into each of us at the same time, making us both gasp. you lean forward to kiss her clit standing erect as if begging for you. i roll to my side & rub her now hard nipples, then suck one into my mouth- so sweet! you begin to rhythmically pump your fingers into her, sucking loudly on her clit. i pull her onto her side, facing me, as you put our top legs on your shoulders, our tits & pussies pressed against each other. now you can have either of us at whim! you slide off your jeans, stroking your throbbing cock, as i kiss her deeply, fiercely taking her ass in my hand & pulling her hard against me- she gasps & her pussy throbs!!
you slowly slide your cock into me, deeper, deeper, until you are grinding against me, your hip against her clit. she is thrusting against you with need, so you pull out of me, & with a sardonic grin,tease her lips with the head of you cock, dripping with my juices, before slamming that thick meat hard into her! she gasps & grips me hard, moaning & bucking against you. you pump into her sopping wet hole as hard as you can, until she is begging for release! but not yet! you jerk your cock from her & pull me up to lick & suck her nectar from every inch of you as she watches, trembling with desire. when i have licked you clean, you lay her on the couch on her belly, & i drape myself over her, both of us "doggy style" spread & ready to receive you. you slide deep within us each, one after the other, until we are all aching, trembling for release.
suddenly we all come together, screaming groaning gushing all over each other! we lay piled all over each other, arms holding tight, legs trembling,sweat mixing beneath us. we lay silent for a while, then dress slowly, not wanting the evening to end. when we leave the dressing room, it is to find the bar dark. they have closed while we were busy. as we wind between the tables, making our way to the door, i can see the faint glow from a cigarette in the corner, & there is movement. the doorman steps into a patch of light glowing in the window, & he smiles. he heard it all. walking down the dark street, heading home, i squeeze your hand & smile. guess i wasn't so uptight after all!


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5/17/2006 2:10 pm

DAMNIT GIRL...I just sat and read the whole blog, and have played the movie thru my head like you just sat and narrorated it to me, and have got a stiring groin right now !

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5/17/2006 3:50 pm

    Quoting wncman6970:
    DAMNIT GIRL...I just sat and read the whole blog, and have played the movie thru my head like you just sat and narrorated it to me, and have got a stiring groin right now !
kiss kiss honey- that was the whole idea!!!


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    Quoting rm_Ox612:
    Very nice!

    And, of course, we could leave a little segue hook for Episode II.

    While we're still sprawled all over each other, but starting to recover, I reach up and play w/her hair a little bit and say, "Sweetie, would you like to come home w/us and spend the day tomorrow doing safe, sane and consensual? We could leave a driver's license w/somebody you trust and set up a safeword before we go."

    Silence as my words filter into her and she absorbs the meaning. Then, she takes a deep breath and you feel her hips shift under you and she says, in a small voice, "Yes, sir."

    And you smile, too.


    Or maybe you don't 'cause I'm hijacking your story.

VERRRRY NICE!!! i think ill have to continue this one this evening!! i really like her calling you "Sir." and what role would you have me play? i'm a switch with women but always sub with men. let me know! the evil wheels are already turning in my mind! XXXOOOXXX chanda


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