My Greatest Orgasm. When, Whom and How.  

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3/12/2006 3:02 pm

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My Greatest Orgasm. When, Whom and How.

I'm not a die hard romantic, but my Greatest Orgasm (with a partner, lol!) was experienced during sex that probably resulted in the conception of my son.
It was sort of like having sex in public. I was a retail manager and my partner and I got a little carried away after hours!
I was doing a last minute check of the store, when he walked up behind me. I became aware of him when I felt his breath on my neck.
He reached around in front of me and caressed my breasts. He pinched them, knowing my nipples were pierced and that I liked it a little bit rough.
The instant he touched me,I felt a wave of pure lust, and turned to kiss him deeply and passionately.
He matched my passion as his tongue explored my mouth and throat. It felt as though we were truly one person, and I was intensely aroused as I ran my tongue around his.
Whew... I'm getting hot just remembering this, and it was over 10 years ago.

It felt like we kissed for about twenty minutes, but it was not something I had any desire to hurry along. This was truly a soul kiss, and in some ways I wish it had never ended.
We had been here before, so this level of desire was no stranger to us, but the environment was new. Generally when we became this passionate, we were at home, or in a park, or a dark theater. Never in my place of work.
It was so seductive - I felt so naughty - and I loved it!
I knew that there were others with keys to the store, and I also knew that they ocassionally used this place for similar pleasures. It was a real possibility that someone could walk in at anytime. I almost wanted them to. I knew that they would be mesmerized by our passion, and I realised for the first time that I was a little bit of an exibitionist.
At the same time that I had the urge for someone to come in and see us, I also wanted the two of us to be uninterupted forever, staying in those moments, just the two of us touching, and tasting, and breathing each other in.
When our kiss ended, we looked into each others eyes. The arousal was powerful, and had happened so fast. There was no question that we would see this through, but I was a little bit scared. New situation, remember?
As I looked at him, what I saw in his eyes reassured me. I suddenly felt wild and daring.
I pulled off my sweater and stepped out of my skirt and tights, (it was Christmas time, cold outside), and began to unbutton his pants. I felt a longing inside of me suddenly, a physical emptiness that I didn't think could be filled. I needed him -- now.
I am very oral - I love having a mans throbbing cock in my mouth. I don't know why, but I get almost high when I feel a hard penis in my mouth and touching my throat. I could definitely die happy in that position.
All I could think of at that moment, was that I needed him to be in my mouth. I got down on my knees and pushed him up against the nearest wall. I opened his already unbuttoned pants and freed his cock completely. He was already so beautifully hard, oh my God, I don't think there is anything as beautiful. My mouth watered, as it does right now remembering. I felt the need to worship that beauty - to make it part of me. To make it mine.
I cupped his balls in my hand, and slowly licked up from the base to the tip of his penis. I was teasing myself as much as him; going slow when I felt like I would explode.
I then covered his gorgeous cock with my mouth, and took him inside me as far as I could. I slowly withdrew, running my tongue ring over the underside of his penis, and then all around it - over and over. My movements were still slow, and I could tell it was getting to him. A small whimper escaped from his lips, and this encouraged me more. I reluctantly left his cock and concentrated my attention on his balls. I wanted to tease him as much as I was teasing myself. I wanted him to feel the great longing and need that I felt.
I put his balls in my mouth one at a time, exploring every inch of them with my tongue, sucking on them and biting lightly while holding his cock, the way I knew he liked. After a few moments of play, I could feel his tension

elysianpleasure 48M

3/12/2006 5:54 pm

Welcome... you seem to have lost your blogging virginity quickly Very hot post. I think for a man things are a bit different... I don't have one orgasm vs. another I remember most. The hottest sex I ever had was a year ago. It is described in a post (in three parts - grin) on my blog called "A First Meeting"... and it was awesome!!!! Drop by, check it out, and say hi... Elysian Keep on blogging.

col975 50M
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3/21/2006 7:05 pm

OMG what a story. I had to leave the room for 10 minutes after reading that (and I am happy now also). I was just browsing the blogs and this was a excellent read. I would have to say I dont think I have ever had that intense session. Hopefully I will get one (and you have many more)

Keep on writing

ChurlGrindDeans 54M
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6/2/2008 9:56 am

C -

OMG what a story!!! My cock is raging hard after reading it! And it did remind me of a similar incident in my past - not so much the orgasm part of it as the co-worker/place of work bits...

I use to work at a High End Furniture retailer in Dallas and was involved for a time with my boss - a female manager who was 11 years my senior... we had had sex many times - including at the store after hours on the chaise lounges and such that we carried as well as during store hours (it was VERY slow on Sundays) as the office was a loft type area that overlooked the front door at one of the locations we worked at...

But, the crowning moment came - in a similar fashion to your story - when we were at a loaction that had a warehouse in the back and the back wall of the store was all 2 way mirrored glass so the customers could not see into the warehouse, but you could see the showroom floor if you were in the warehouse - and like your story, this happened in the winter, near Christmas...

Anyway, I was in the warehouse straightening things up after our evening rush when she came back to see how things were going... as she turned to walk away, I reached around and cupped her magnificent breasts in my hands as I kissed her neck... her nipples hardened instantly in my hands as she reached behind herself and cupped my cock and balls. My shaft engorged immediately and she just looked back with a devilish little smile...

As I began to unzip her dress, she plead with me to stop, but she didn't really try to walk away... her dress dropped to the floor and I unclipped her bra. She turned and dropped to her knees and immediately took me into her mouth sucking my rock hard erection and stroking my shaft... I moved her to the mirrored wall where I removed her panties and pushed her up against the glass as I enetered her from behind - then, the most arousing and erotic thing happened...

A very good looking couple walked into the front door of the store and began looking around - they were looking right at us as we stood there naked and fucking, but they couldn't see us... it was a massive turn on to know we could see them and almost exhibitionist in nature but they couldn't see us... I yelled out to make themselves at home and we would be out in a few minutes... we continued fucking - even more intensely because of our new situation... I had to gag her with her panties as she came all over my cock so we wouldn't be heard... then she dropped to her knees and finished me off in her mouth and cleaned her pussy juice off my throbbing cock so I could get dressed and go help our clients while she got herself back together in the bathroom.

Wow what a night... thank you for your story and helping me remember that....

- Chris

1devlin11 49M
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6/23/2008 12:27 pm

Dangerous sex is always a turn on
Work, parking lots, pull outs, etc.

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