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9/25/2005 8:58 am

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In pondering discussions I've had with people over the last few days I've determined people live mostly in fear. A friend would like to leave where she lives because she feels like the people here don't know how to live but because she doesn't have the money to just leave she can't do it. Well I made the suggestion she use tax time as a starting point and of course I got excuse after excuse.

Even what we are doing here it seems to be a fear. We want to meet people for sex. The one fear we all have is disease but there are ways around that. Test, protection etc. But even with that said there is a reluctance to meet and get to know each other. There are some people out here with facial pictures and many times they don't even look like the pictures they have posted. Where is the fear coming from? I don't choose to post my face but will meet and tell the truth about myself. I've never lied to anyone about my appearance and I've only had one person decide they didn't want to go forward after meeting. I guess to tie all these things together my friend is fearful of failure. The people who are reluctant to meet fear experiences and those who lie about their appearance have a fear of rejection and fear their own appearance is not good enough.

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