To Tease and Run...  

rm_carturo2 52M
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3/30/2006 3:26 pm
To Tease and Run...

I remember the first time you teased me. A hot summer day and you wanted a ride on the motorcycle. I agreed and you climbed on wearing your tight little shorts. We went down the road a bit and I could almost feel you tensing your legs and moving your pelvis, but wasn't quite sure. After I accelerated and put my hand back on your thigh to keep you from sliding back, I almost felt your thighs squeeze against my ass. I didn't want anyone to see the hard on you gave me, as you held me around the waist and pressed tight against me. That was the first time. The Second was in the swimming pool and we were playing with my boys. Your brother had one on his shoulders and you climbed on mine, then you and my son tried to pull each other off, while myself and your brother tried to keep our partners from falling off. Whoever pulled the other into the water--won. I think I won, as I felt you squeezing your inner thighs against the back of my neck, you were so tight against me I could feel everything...and you wondered why I had to stay in the water for so long??? I had a feeling that you enjoyed teasing me since you knew I would not/could not do anything about it...especially since I was married, and to your sister at that. You knew that we remained married for the boys sake, you also knew that we had slept apart for years. Every time you came over for a week or weekend visit I was always sleeping in the living room or in my office on the futon. How did you like me teasing you back? Remember the time when you woke me up in the living room? I was on one couch and you were sleeping on the other?? I'm not sure what exactly woke me but you had to have known I was watching you as you masturbated, it was one of the most erotic things I had ever seen before. Your raspy breathing, and watching you with your hands between your legs with your legs spread and the one angled off the couch and moving in rhythm to your efforts gave me the hard on from hell. I could take no more after seeing you orgasm and see your legs twitch and shudder as you climaxed. I was already stroking my erect penis and lost in my own world imagining what it would be like to just get up and walk over and replace your fingers with an erection that could bust concrete. I wanted to grab you by the ankles and wrap your legs around me as I entered you so bad, I could almost take my pulse by holding on to my throbbing penis. Since everyone was asleep upstairs what would it have hurt? In my mind I have been divorced for years. Damn, my conscience. What would you have done if I had done what was on my mind that night? Instead you settled for watching me pleasure myself for half the night. I knew that it was only a matter of time before I could no longer take the temptation and finally succumb to taking you as no other could. If you only knew the various positions and places I've fantasized about with you. On the hood of the car in the middle of the night. In the swimming pool under a full moon, pumping you while cupping your ass, making our own turning of the tides. Placing you on the kitchen counter and sucking your tits while I finger your clit, then pull you to me and fuck you hard. You just loved brushing up against me with your tits as we would be out shopping. I wanted to come up behind you so many times and grab you around the waist as I pressed you into the clothes rack. Pressing so close you could tell exactly how hard you had gotten me as I place my hard-on directly between your ass cheeks and dry hump you. You squirm and arch your back trying to press tighter into me. I alternate playing with your nipples and feeling you up between your legs. You start to moan and then catch yourself looking around to see if anyone is noticing. I leave you hot, bothered and VERY WET. You are the temptress of all sultry goddess', and brazen as hell. The time we camped out by the lake, and you had your sleeping bag placed between your sister's and mine. I was next to my boys on one side and you on the other...I could not believe that you would slip your legs under my sleeping bag and rub them on my legs. I had to hold my breath as you slowly followed them backwards until your ass was pressed firmly against the hard on you already knew to be there. I could do nothing, but enjoy your rotation of your hips and that was followed shortly by the reach-around hand job you gave me that night. I held firm in more ways than one...even after the next day when we were walking on the beach and you informed me that you were wearing no underwear. Since I go commando frequently I was definitely ready to slip them down and bend you over right then and there. You are the devil in chose that moment to tell me that because one of my boys was walking beside us. Where are you NOW??? It has been years since the divorce...oh, I know we each went our separate ways, I for one have had occasional sleepless nights recalling the memories of an evil temptress...Heaven help you should we ever meet again, when I will no longer have a need to refrain or constrain myself. You had best prepare and give notice that you will be incapacitated for a few days, because I guarantee that you will NOT be able to walk a straight line to save your life. Foreplay has always enhanced sex. Imagine what years of it can do...then again maybe you only did that because you could. Women do that to men all the time...kind of a tease and release game of fishing. I guess we will just have to wait and see if you cut bait and run or try to land me.

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