Ever have sex with a Cricket?  

rm_carturo2 52M
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3/23/2006 3:45 pm
Ever have sex with a Cricket?

Sexydisaster30 has a quick wit...unfortunately she says she won't fuck Crickets. Too bad, she will never get the chance to hear the music I can make when I rub my legs together. Isn't it amazing how quickly people are discounted due to preconceived notions? I guess I will never find someone that will hook up with Jiminy Crickets evil Nemesis. Let me whisper in your ear all the things you would love to do, but lack the motivation to ever do them. Tell your boss how you REALLY feel. STAY AWAY from the flirtatious teases that never please--they have corrosive cooties. Stand up and DO what you really want to do without fear of retribution or judgment. Catch an Attitude and Keep it. I'm a Cricket with no conscience. And SIZE DOES matter, hehe, Crickets can get into places others can only dream of. We also can chirp all night long and never skip a beat.
"I don't fuck Crickets" pleeeeaase I think she presumed that this Cricket wanted to fuck her. She presumed wrong, I hop to my own music.

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