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4/7/2005 8:40 pm

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Anonymous sex in the adult theater

I went to the adult book store after work yesterday intending to pleasure myself before heading home. Usually I go to the theater section of this place first to see what is going on in there. It is not at all uncommon to see couples in there, either doing nothing special or they will sometimes play a little before leaving or head to one of the private viewing rooms. Once in a great while, they will allow one of the numerous horny guys that surround them to touch and finger the wife/girlfriend before either leaving or going into one of the private viewing rooms this theater has. What happened yesterday blew my mind and gave me enough ammunition for my sexual fantasies for weeks to come.

I walked in like I've done many times and tried to get my eyes adjusted to the extreme dark. The only illumination came from the dimly lit movie screen. I immediately could tell that something was going on, even before my eyes adjusted. Instead of everyone being seated, I noticed several guys standing, some slowly gravitating toward a row of seats containing what appeared to be a couple. I then noticed a pair of long, tanned legs propped up on the row of seats in front of them. I was not quick to assume this was a female however as TV's come into this theater all the time. As my eyes focused a bit more I could clearly see that it was most likely a young woman with medium length blond hair. I was going to be content to stay in the rear of the theater until I could see that all the good vantage points for watching the antics of the couple were being taken up quickly so I made my move to the row of seats in front of the couple.

I was shocked to see that the woman was young, probably in her mid 20's and very cute. There was a black man sitting to her left who had fully erect his cock out. The woman reached out and stoked his cock while jerking off her husband/boyfriend with her right hand. The man on her left leaned down and kissed her exposed tits, which by the way, were incredible; at least a large B cup or maybe even a C. Soon, nearly all the guys in the theater (about 15) were making their way closer and closer, either to get a better view or to get in on the action. It was clear to me pretty soon that this woman had a fantasy about being with black men as that was all she would touch or allow to touch her (at least at first). Her boyfriend got up and told another black guy to his right to take his seat next to the blonde. That guy whipped out a huge, uncircumcised black dick. The woman grabbed it immediately and was obviously pleased with it as she moaned her approval as she stroked him to a full erection.

In the meantime, the other brother on her left was now fingering her obviously wet pussy. You could hear her juices squishing around as he plunged his middle finger into her time and time again. The boyfriend had now moved to the row behind her and had taken his modest-sized cock out and rubbed it on her cheek to let her know he was there. She hesitated until she looked up to see it has him and then slipped his cock into her mouth and sucked him. He face-fucked her for a few minutes until he decided he needed more. As he worked his way back around the the row where his sweetie sat, she stood up and allowed him to sit in her seat. She then slowly sat down on his cock, impaling herself on his stiff dick. She grinded on him for a few minutes and while they fucked, I reached back and stroked her thighs. After a few minutes, she stood up and so her man could take her from behind. At this point, her tits were within my reach so I played with her left tit while she got fucked from behind. By this time I had unconsciously worked my dick free from my pants and had it out in plain view as did at least 10 other guys who whacked themselves as they watched. The blond moaned as the boyfriend pounded her harder. She then leaned over the seat in front of her which was the seat to my right. She then wrapped her sexy, dainty little hand around my cock and began to stoke it until precum oozed from the tip and moisturized the head of my cock and the girl's hand. She then turned around as boyfriend sat down and she then sucked his cock some more. Needless to say, with her standing up and being bent over giving him head, her ass was now facing in my direction. I pushed her short skirt up out of the way and gently caressed her soft ass with my hand. She then arched he back a little and her ass rose into the air just enough to expose her luscious pussy lips. I gently brushed my thumb against the lips and opening to her cunt. Bravely I slipped just the tip of my thumb into her wetness. To my surprise, she pushed her hips back farther, inserting my thumb into her more. Now I was fucking her with my left thumb. She thrusted backwards and moaned louder on each stroke of my finger. I couldn't help myself any further so I then switched hands so I could stroke myself with my left hand while I finger-fucked her with my right.

All I could think of at that point was what would happen if I just stood up and eased my stiff cock into her waiting pussy. Knowing that this was probably unlikely and also because I was now running late, I began to jerk my cock like I had a purpose. Soon, I blew my load all over the seat next to me. Seeing that I was all done, one of the other horny fuckers nearby took over tending to the blond's wet cunt while I zipped up my pants and left.

I could not believe how a beautiful girl like that was just allowing so many guys to touch her as she touched them as well right out in the open. I've seen much less-attractive women do this but this was different. I'm sure the couple went home last night and fucked like bunnies while they recalled the experience they had earlier in the afternoon.

NJcumslut 43M

10/5/2005 2:12 pm

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hobo666 70M

7/9/2006 7:17 am

hi would like to take u to one and have everyone there fuck u and cum in your month

rm_artgme69 47M

2/20/2008 7:54 pm

If you go take me too!

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