Fun with Tests  

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2/11/2006 7:20 am

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Fun with Tests

So I took the purity test on here and I'm 52% pure (48% naughty). But I actually think it's more like 45%pure, 45% naughty and the other half is undecided. Actually I've had so many un-pure thoughts I have no idea how I'm not labeled hazardous and collected into a canister and disposed of safely so that I'm not able to harm anyone else. There's no Brita Water in me, strictly tap from a rusty old pipe.

I took the personality test thingy too and it told me I'm The General. I guess that means I'm suppose to walk around with some shiney medals and ribbons on my chest. Sadly the only medals I have are my bowling trophies from elementary school, and I don't even have those anymore. I think I remember melting them down and selling the gold for a couple pez dispensers last year. I'm confused as to why it calls me The General and rather then read the description as to why it calls me that (directions? I don't need no stinking directions!) I'm just going to decide that it's wrong for the following reasons...

1. I don't like giving orders. Never have. I just don't get bothered by what anyone else does so I have no desire to tell them to do something else. I don't even like to give my order to a waittress, I just sit in silence while they look at me very uncomfortably and then point to some random words on the menu and hope it doesn't taste like crap.

2. I don't like taking orders either. Never have. And I'm sure there must be someone above me, "The General" whom I am suppose to listen to and it just isn't going to happen. That's right, an awol general with a nuclear sub doing whatever my heart desires. Good luck Steven Segal, I don't think you or anyone else can stop me now.

3. Generals wear suits, button down shirts are my enemies. Too formal for my liking. I think I'm actually alergic to every type of fabric that is used to make a button down shirt. I break out in rashes and hives, the village people form a posse and with their torches and try to force me to stay at the ymca so I don't scare the children... it's just not pretty.

So basically both tests I took gave the wrong results, but at least they didn't tell me I have an std.

Do people really pay much attention to those tests? I think that the only test people really care about the answers on this site would be...

strongly disagree disagree agree strongly agree
1. I find you attractive.
2. If I woke up next to you I wouldn't scream.
3. Oral with you would be fun.
4. I would have sex with you.
5. You could tie me up and have your way with me anytime.
6. I don't mind stopping at the pet store to pick up some gerbals for our romantic evening together.
7. Out of pity I would have sex with you for one night but then I never want to see you again and I will have to take a dozen showers to try and wash away the filth that you have covered me with.

Please answer the questions if you wish, but keep in mind if I don't like the answers then I'm just going to tell you their wrong.

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2/16/2006 3:53 am


Shit me... there is much howling this side of the pond.

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