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7/11/2006 8:15 am

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Met up with a couple from friendfinder, my first meet that is due to a site like this, I was a little bit nervy at first, we met in a car park near a lake, just as it was beginning to get dark.

I could see into thier car easily from mine, I had parked quite close, as pre aranged.

The wife was already naked from the waist down, and had pushed her arse up against the window (which was wound down) while she gave the partener a blow job, I couldnt actually see the blow job, but the wifes rear gave me a terrific hard on. his hand was on her arse, and he opened her up for a terrific view, and put his fingers in her, she had a nice body, they were both older than me, but in great shape.

I was content to sit and watch, but he waved his hand and indicated that i should come closer.

I got out of the driver door, and went close to thier passenger window, where i had a great view and could feel her lovely arse. I was a little tentative and had no idea what if anything i would be allowed to do, but I was quite content to watch, also i could now see her sucking his cock, i have never seen others do anything like this before, and it was a huge turn on.

He put my hand on her arse, what a great feeling, i was a little surprised when he grabbed my hand, but soon calmed down when i realised what he was allowing me to do, I rubbed her pussy gently through the open window, and put a finger in half way, still nervy and unsure, but they changed position and she straddled him in the front seat, it was great to watch, i have never watched other like this before, it made me fantastically horny, so i started rubbing my cock. But another car pulled up behind us, so i retreated to my car, and they stopped for a moment.

The other car quickly moved off, and as it was now dark, the light came on in the car, and i had an excellent view, i stayed put wanking for a while, but was waved closer again, so i got out of the van.

The rear passenger window was open and i was getting an excellent display from them, she was now laying across the back seat, i was so turned on, and nearly cumming.

she sat up near the rear left windown and was sucking his cock, i got real close, and have never seen anything so horny, i could rub her tits and play with her nipples through the window, he pulled out of her mouth and came all over her tits, what a fantastic sight, i then stepped away from the car slightly so that i didnt splash the paintwork, and they both watched me cum. The window then wound up, which indicated that they needed a little privacy, so i returned to my van.

We waved to each other about 15 mins lated and left.

What a fantastic experience, i never knew this could be so horny, we are in email contact and have talked about it, and when we do it again i hope i will be able to join in a little more.

If you have read this, then thank you both very much, and perhaps you could leave a comment here as well, happy days............

sugarfoxxx 45F

7/16/2006 4:30 pm

Love dogging, but most people have been put off by all the publicity associated with it, which is a shame Though anybody in lincoln want a partner, send me a message

rm_cambsmebi 55M

7/17/2006 12:39 am

Its a real shame but i know what you mean, However it doesnt put me off, and so long as its done carefully and considerately and nobody is upset or offended, then its fine.
Im not too far from Linconln, and it would be great to meet up with you for some dogging/exhib fun, perhaps meet for a coffee first to see if we could get along. Anyway let me know what you think


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