There's a look you get...  

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5/7/2006 11:46 am
There's a look you get...

...when you're a (relatively) young guy being affectionate with a (relatively) older woman in public. Pre-MILF days, I spent an intense weekend in Atlanta with a very sucessful professional woman that had twenty years on me. At one point we're in a line at a grocery store, and she asked the woman ringing us up if she knew anygood place to eat, adding the word "romantic" on at the end, casually.

We instantly had the attention of every older woman in earshot. Suggestions and consensus happened so fast I'm still dizzy thinking about (one of the colloquial pieces of evidence that woman are already running the world). The romantic brunch was fantastic, as was the athletic sex that followed.

Today it happened again. I have a standing kayaking date with a friend that usually ends up with sex in the water, the sand, among mangroves, or occasionally at her house. This time she begged an apartment from a friend (talk about having a support network!), and while her friend cleaned up before vacating, we had brunch at a well-known local hangout.

As we walked in, I made sure my arms were draped around her - and as she sat down I leaned over her and gave a long, slow kiss. Then I casually turned and swept the room with a glance before I settled in - and my performance had been masterful. Most of the crowd were older, some obviously just coming from church, and I saw many, many smiles.

The look, the smile, the yearning - the satisfaction of confirming to someone that they are desirable despite the years and the miles. If there is any karma in the world, I've just written off a bit of my debt...

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