Gratifying / Intense- Part 3  

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4/20/2006 6:48 am
Gratifying / Intense- Part 3

This also allowed me to get mouthfuls of her breast, sucking on those rosy red nipples with a rhythm to match her strokes. My senses had become so keen. The aroma in the air of our sexual juices, natural body oils, and perspiration stayed in my head for days. For days afterwards I would think of her and my brain automatically reproduced this erotic scent and sent a tingling through my groin.

Then she sat up and her rocking motion was rubbing the ridge of my glans across her G-spot. As I felt her approaching another orgasm I took this opportunity to arch my back and raise my hips so I could go deeper inside of her. At this point I must have reached the Bermuda Triangle. I could feel three of her vaginal muscles squeezing tightly against my shaft. Her grip, on my harder than hard manhood, was getting tighter with each of her strokes. Finally she let loose with another of her squirting orgasms.

Her cum rained upon my groin area like a waterfall. I could feel the streams of her pleasure pouring out of her and across my legs. As I returned back to a prone position I experienced this unique sensation of feeling my scrotum being saturated with her fluids and droplets of her cum would fall off my sac onto my legs. She now lay on top of me. Her body feeling slightly limp, but her hips told me she was very much alive as they never ceased from a slow gyration that matched her breathing.

Some people are ignorant of squirters. I had been with women who squirted a thicker outflow. However, I had done some research and found that women who squirt a more liquid outflow are capable of producing up to 15 oz of fluid per orgasm. This is almost two cup fulls.

I wanted to taste her, so I rolled her over onto her back and slowing started kissing her down the length of her torso; her breast, her nipples, her belly button, and across her lower abdomen. As I lowered my head into her pelvic area between her legs I lapped the moisture off of her inner thighs like a puppy licking his master’s hand. I sucked on each engorged labia savoring the sweet taste of what her body had produced until my tongue sensed that the erotic flavor was reduced to just sucking on her natural sweet tasting flesh. As my mouth moved toward the center, my tongue was reading her like a blind man reading Braille. My lips sensed the hood of her clit. The taste of her cum was still present as I used my upper lip to push the hood back exposing her clit. I used my teeth to gently nibble on this magical pleasure button and positioned it between my lips. As I sucked on it like drawing thick milk shake through a straw.

I was able to rest my head on her thigh with her clit still being between my lips. As I looked up I could see over her flattened tummy those wonderful D cups sitting upon her chest. Her nipples were hard and erect larger than the Big Boy pencil erasers. Her head was propped up on a pillow and turned slightly sideways. Her hair was slightly wet and curls matted over her forehead. Her eyes closed as if in a deep fantasy dream. Her face had a glow and a satisfied smile. All the time she was letting out a slow rhythmic moan that sounded like a hymn an angel would hum.

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