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Dinner was over and the evening was wearing away like a cheap pair of socks. I was becoming irritable with the standard stupidity on television, but too lazy to crack a book. Thats when my little subbie came in and rested her head in my lap. She looked up at me, trying to read my mood, and nailed it. She grabbed the remote and turned off the boob tube. She looks up at me and asks politely " Would you like me to please you? ". I tell her that she can.

She unzipps my pants and shimys them down and off. She folds her arms behind her back, grabbing each opposite elbow, and gently leans forward to place my dick in her mouth. With her soft lips and velvet tounge she coaxes my dick in to her mouth. A gentle swirling and bobbing motin sends the blood rushing to my cock. She keeps her head down close, so that my dick grows in to the back of her throat. She continues this slow bobbing swirl as I feel the muscles in the back of her throat tensing and clenching. Her back is starting to quiver, and her hips have started to shake slightly. I tell her to stop and go to bed. Get herself ready.

In the bedroom she is waiting patiently at the ready. I snug the blindfold around her head. I then tell her to get on all fours. She does as told obediently. I strap the collar around her neck and slip a rope doubled over through the ring. Pulling the ends through the loop, I fashion a clove hitch with loose ends for her hands. Next her arms are folder back as they are when she sucks my cock. I pull the ends tight, so that her back must arch, and cross the ropes to each arm. I tie them tightly around each elbow and hand. She is now adequately bound for tonight.

She tells me that her back is starting to cramp. She needs some relief. I massage her clit from behind. I ask her if that feels better. She admits that it does. I run my toung around the outside of her ass hole to produce goosebumps all across her flesh. She shakes her butt a little to get more contact, so I back up and crack her sharply with my palm across her ass cheek. I tell her to behave or she will Not get what she wants. She straightens up and asks nicely for my dick. This insubordination can not go unanswered, so I push her face down to the bed and crack her across the ass again.

My dick is fully engorged so it is time for some teasing. I rub the head over the folds of her lips parting them. Her pussy is throwing off an infernal heaat and moisture. I flick my head around her clit for a few strokes, and she starts to moan. She is behaving prety well, so I give her a short opening stroke, followed by a long full shove, fully in to her cunt. She howls with pleasure as my balls push up against her clit. I pull back and do it again. Her twat is now fully wet and it is easy to get a good thrusting rythm going. I continue pumping and she fully relaxes. She becomes oblivious to the tight bindings as the wash away in a torrent of extacy. I feel her loosening and clenching as a wave of orgasm is about to wash over her and I pull out. Just as my dick exits her pussy, my hand cracks sharply across her ass cheek. She groans with anger and frustration, glancing back venomously and calls me a Fucker. She burries her face in the pillow with anger and exasperation.

more to cum later.

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