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5/6/2006 1:59 pm

The rain was pounding down as the lady snaked her way between the people on the crowded street. Ducking from awning to awning. Miserable weather, she thought to herself. She stopped under the awning of a Gap Kids store and looked in, the place was buzzing with frantic mothers and children gearing up for the coming school year.

“Thank god I don’t have to deal with that”. She whispered to herself.

She turned to move on when he slammed into her, hard, knocking her handbag and umbrella out of her hands, making her stumble nearly to her knees. The contents of her bag sprayed forth across the sidewalk, looking like a tag sale on a wet Saturday morning. She looked around to find him scrambling about on his knees trying to collect the scattered contents of her handbag.

He was almost mumbling, it seemed, to himself. “I am so sorry, God, I always seem to fuck things up.” He looked up at her and blushed, gosh she is cute he thought to himself.
“ Hey I am really sorry about this, I guess I wasn’t looking to where I was going.” He said apologetically.

She knelt down and helped him gather her things. She quickly grabbed the condom that lay among the rubble, hoping it hadn’t been noticed. It had.

After the rest of the items were collected and returned to her bag they got up together.
She noticed that he was only slightly taller that she was, brown hair and deep, deep blue eyes. “I guess I really didn’t help” she said, “with this weather it is a bit distracting.”

“Let me make it up to you? He asked. “ how about a cup of coffee, there’s a Starbucks just up the street, I wish to treat you to anything you desire” he said with a comical gentleman’s like bow. “My names Johnathan” he stated a matter of factly.

She scrambled through her brain for a name. “ Connie” she said, thinking of the lines from the old Grand Funk Railroad song “American Band”. …

and sweet, sweet Connie was doing her act,
She had the whole show and that’s a natural fact.

She smiled and held out her hand, which he accepted and kissed with a bow. They both laughed at the gesture.

They were both thinking about the condom.

“Sir Johnathan.” She said, “let’s go!” Then laced her arm in his and they headed up the street under her re-deployed umbrella. She thought about jumping into “Singing in the Rain” then thought better of it. She really wanted to see where this might lead. She like him, and that made her feel a bit giddy.

And sweet, sweet Connie…………

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