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7/2/2006 1:13 am

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we are all given a box when we come about in this world. this presious box holds our puzzle that we call life.
over the years we must find ourselves, pieces if you will, of our puzzle and put it all together to paint the most beautiful picture we can all adore.
as time passes on we may all loose pieces of our puzzle, forgotin memories if you will......but it is most important that we keep the pieces we hold dearest close in our hearts , not to loose a single one.
the largest piece of our puzzle is that of the love our lives.
together they bond to create the most beautiful picture.
this one piece ,we must all hold on to no matter what the cause. together these pieces interlocked forever.
and together will create another box , to love and charish watching ever so carefully as they put together their own puzzles of life.
when we have all of our pieces together in our hearts and in our souls only then will our lives be fully complete.
we must all hang these precious pictures above the mantle of our eternal flame for all to see and all those to admire.
but when we go, our puzzle, our lives will remain forever hung with the glow of our forever love shining upon to show all who cares.

and to be honest i have not found that large part of me yet. but i will keep searching for i know that i will oneday find it.

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