Closing a chapter  

rm_buck215 58M
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7/18/2006 7:37 am
Closing a chapter

My other fling with a much older woman was again with a customer of the bank I worked at. She worked opposite and again, there seemed to be an attraction between us.

I knew she was married, but got good vobes from her, so I chanced my arm and asked her if she would come out for a drink. We arranged a date, her friends covered for her, and that's how it all started. Her best friend regularly let us use her spare bed for evenings of passion, although we sometimes took chances during the day at her home, or in the car.

She was 23 years my senior, small and petite. She had brilliant blue eyes, with a real twinkle, and was really sweet. She was not very adventurous, but was passionate, she loved to kiss, in fact one night, she ventured down to my dick and took me in her mouth. Afterwards she said that was the first time she had ever done that, and I still believe her.

She liked to be ontop to make love, lying flat, and with her legs straight along mine. She would lie there, perfectly still, and using her pussy muscles, would flex and squeeze my dick until we both came. It was an amazing experience, and is something special that we will always have between us.

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