Another hard day in the office  

rm_buck215 58M
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5/9/2006 7:28 am
Another hard day in the office

This thing with my neighbour is turning into real fun.

My PA had a day off last week, I managed to discreetly tell my neighbour and she came to visit me in my office.

She locked the door on the way in, turned off the lights and we kissed each other passionately. She sat on my lap, I reached up under her skirt, pulling back her knickers and touched her clit. She was already wet, as I gently stroked her, her breathing became deeper, and she started to sigh. She stood up, I pulled down her knickers, and sat her on the desk. As she lent back, I knelt down and blew slowly on her open pussy, before moving in for some serious licking. I probed my tongue around her clit, sucking on the folds of flesh. Then I plunged my tongue deep inside, before returning to her more delicate areas. As I kissed the clit again, I fingered her deep, by now she was shaking, and came in waves in my face.

I let her recover and dropped my trousers, my dick was throbbing with excitement. I slid in, and she writhed again, her nails clawing at my back, her hot breathe on my face. We came together, stiffling our moans in each other's necks, gripping each other to stop ourselves falling off the desk.

I saw her again yesterday, she wants to visit me again, I think I might give my PA the day off.

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