The Stone Bench  

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The Stone Bench

As she walked into the room, her eyes scanned the dense crowd. The atmosphere was electric, which added to her already quickened pulse, and she felt a few drops of moisture spring up between her breasts.

Uncomfortable in crowd, especially with people that were unknown, she found a safe haven against a wall, surrounded by lush greenery, where she was able to watch the going's on, at a relative distance. People would acknowledge her, with a slight nod or smile, but, she was too nervous to respond. Gatherings always made her uneasy, at least until she warmed up. Perhaps a glass of champagne would help.

An open bar had been set up, but, tuxedoed waiters made their way through the crowd, with trays of wine and champagne in elegant crystal. She accepted a glass and downed it quickly. The heady liquid slowly coursed through her body, and curbed her nervousness. Accepting another glass, she could feel herself relax, as she sipped.

Feeling that someone was watching her, her eyes were drawn to the bartender across the room. His eyes bore into hers, and she could feel her pulse quicken once again. But, this time was not from feeling uncomfortable. No. Was an instant feeling of attraction; pure hunger, pure decadence, pure lust. The corners of her mouth turned up into a small smile, as his blue eyes deepened in obvious pleasure. She could feel his stare remove her dress, and it brought forth a tingle deep inside her core. She could feel moisture once again, only lower, and with it, came an almost unbearable yearning.

She moved towards the french doors, leading out into an immense garden. As she glanced over her shoulder, she saw the bartender slowly working his way across the room. Towards her. She stepped out into the lavish grounds, and walked towards a dense expanse of tropical beauty.

Without warning, she felt his breath on her neck, as his hand slipped to the small of her back. He guided her deep into the recesses of the foliage, and gently pushed her down onto a small stone bench. Not a word was spoken verbally. It was all done with the eyes. Deeply intense. One set of darkened blue probing. The other set smoldering with desire.

His eyes raked her body, causing her nipples to tighten beneath the silky confines of her bra. Her taut belly twitched in anticipation, as he slowly and deliberately lifted the hem of her skirt, and draped it across her stomach. His long fingers reached for her panties, and drew them down slowly, his eyes darkening even more, as he gazed on her already swelling lips, moisture pooling beneath her.

Finally she heard his voice, as he whispered, "Beautiful", before he knelt before her.

His firm yet gentle lips kissed her dewy mound once, before she felt his tongue snake out and wrap itself around her engorged clit. Her eyes closed and a small moan escaped. The thought of being seen, plus being with a virtual stranger, caused her juices to flow even more. He eagerly lapped them up; the sound of his tongue dancing across her soaking pussy caused tremors to begin, deep inside.

She could feel an almost painful ache start, and knew she was close to exploding. One hand held his head tighter, while the other was pressed firmly against her mouth. She knew she would scream aloud; wanted to, needed to. But, she couldn't. Couldn't risk being found out. Couldn't risk her reputation.

Her eyes fluttered open as the first wave hit. She bit her knuckle in an attempt to stifle her scream. His tongue moved faster, as he slurped up her juices. One long finger probed deeply, and pushed hard against her G, as his mouth closed over her clit and sucked even harder.

As she exploded into this strangers mouth, she felt herself lose complete control. She writhed and moaned, without conscious thought, until she felt his other hand hold her still. His mouth was still plastered against her, and, as the throbbing lessened, his movements became slower.

Ultimately, he pulled away. His eyes never leaving her still pulsing mound, he slowly drew his finger to his mouth. Finally, he looked at her, as he sucked the juices from his finger. Her belly tightened once again. But, with a wink, he pulled her dress down over her thighs and strode away, leaving her in a state of confusion but for a minute. Soon, she smiled, when she realized he had pocketed her panties, as he walked away...

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2/23/2006 5:00 am


Nice way to wake up on a Thursday morning!!!

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2/23/2006 10:07 am

AHHHHHHHHH, The Panty Bandit strikes again..........................................Nice work

rm_Alex74_FL 44M
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2/23/2006 10:11 pm

Great write, I enjoyed it almost as much as she did.

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