I need to cook more often  

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2/15/2006 9:11 am

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I need to cook more often

On mornings I refuse to cook breakfast, or even make coffee for myself, I usually head over to the local Macs, for a quickie. Generally, I order 2 coffees and an orange juice, along with one of their egg sandwiches. A gazillion calories? Yep. But much easier to deal with, than having to cook and clean up. Plus, I can sit in my car in the sun and read. AND, enjoy the solitude.

So what is with the workers in Macs anyway? Now, I know, for most, 'tis but a stepping stone into the work force. But, I come from the old school of employment. No matter what you are doing, (whether you clean out gutters, or are a CEO of a Fortune 500 company), you do your job well. Period. And that means using a semblance of the brain you were born with. You know... having a bit of common sense, et al.

So this morning was no exception. Order my two large coffees and a juice, with the food. Pull up to the takeout window, and the moron starts to hand me the drinks... without benefit of a cup holder. I drive a sports-type car. LITTLE. SMALL. Barely a backseat small. So, in my relatively diminutive car, WHERE IN THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO PUT THREE DRINKS? This model comes with TWO cupholders built in. Put a cup of coffee between my legs? Uh, no. I would burn the shit out of my thighs, and since they now use the warnings on the cups about how hot it is, I couldn't sue. So, I could put ICE COLD juice there. Nah uh. It's fricking winter, for cripes sake. So, I say, "Uh, excuse me, but, can I PLEASE have a cupholder?" I wasn't snotty, but, just a tad perturbed. I get an eye roll. I was like, "whoaaaaaaa, you just didn't do that to me, did you?" Now that earns me a rather scathing look, from this little pimply faced young man.

I'm pretty slow to anger, but DAYYYYUMMMM. So, I ask to speak to the manager. (If you read my previous post, you know how I am about manners). She comes to the window. "And what seems to be the problem here?", she asks. I tell her. She said, "It's been busy, and the workers are a bit stressed." STRESSED? I understand the busy part, I really do. But jeez, it's fricking McDonalds for heavens sake. Take the order, give the food. We aren't talking brain surgery here.

And, I neglected to mention, this manager and I have gotten into it before. I "forgot" to ask for grape jelly when I ordered a muffin one morning, a couple of years ago, and asked for it at the window. She said, "next time, remember to order it at the time you place your order... we are too busy to get it when you pick up your food." I shit you not. THAT particular incident caused me to call Oak Brook, Illinois - Macs home office. Got me free food AND an apology.

Back to the stressed part of a job. Yeah, I can see it, when I'm stressed at work. I can always lob the vacutainer or syringe at a patient like a dart, to get the blood, when I'm busy with STATS up the wazoo. Or just jam it in. Get the blood, and be off. (made you all wince, didn't I?? heh heh). No way. Patients are customers. They deserve the dignity and respect as being such. I may not be taking their food order, but, I am performing a service. My job isn't the most glamorous, but, dang, I perform it well. I have my "work mode" that I go into. I may be in the crappiest mood possible, but, a patient NEVER sees it. NEVER EVER. I take pride in what I do. And, it is appreciated. And, that's all I ask for in return.

So, the moral of this story is: Have a little social deportment in what you do. Remember, the next person you treat like crap may have a gun, (and in this day and age, that isn't totally meant as a joke - there are a LOT of wacked out people walking around that don't even need an excuse....). Be nice, live by the golden rule, and it will come back to you a hundredfold...


oraide05 51M

2/15/2006 1:58 pm

I agree with you 100%....in my job I if I'm having a crappy day in the OR and I have to go to the floor for a Pt. they always think everything is hunky dory!!!!even if its not!!!and there are lots of days its not!!!!

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