Aother Bright Sunny Day!  

rm_bryan4a 38M
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6/7/2006 1:39 pm
Aother Bright Sunny Day!

Well at least it looks that way from here inside the building... I kinda wish they would have outside offices (though then I'm sure I'd be crying for the air conditioning). Reminds me of that poem my dad would always tell me:

As a rule
Man's a fool
When it's hot
He wants it cool
When it's cool
He wants it hot
What he has
He wants it not

It's funny how life is that way... I have been reading posts today at work to try and live through hating my job. But on the other hand, I just posted a good luck to a lady who was out looking for a job today and told her I think not having a job sucks... There really are two sides to every coin. My problem is I always seem to get my sights set on the rear end. In some cases rear ends are nice, but usually they are just asses...

I also just chatted a bit with a girl I met here. Then she said she had to go... Then she said she didn't have too any more and our chat got a lot hotter in a few lines. Then she signed off, this time without saying bye. I'm thinking to myself... Hmm... 180 in what she's doing.. Dramatic change in personality... Boy I hope I wasn't just chatting to some stranger... Or worse, someone she was trying to hide our chat from! Guess I should think more with my superior head!!! (Shouldn't all men?)

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